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CD/DVD Reviews » Noisy Boys - What's Damn' Wrong?

Track List:

01. Baby's Mad
02. Dance The Stroll
03. Lizzy Lou
04. Honey, You Talk Too Much
05. Hep Cat
06. Dateless Night
07. I've Got Leavin' On My Mind
08. What's Damn' Wrong ?
09. Dear John
10. Let's Dance
11. Johnny Valentine
12. Born Tired
13. Something Baby
14. Do The Bop, Bop, Bop
Noisy Boys
What's Damn' Wrong?
Blue Lake Records (2004)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 29 March 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

If you are organizing a rock’n’roll show and have a place for one more band, I would recommend The Noisy Boys from Switzerland. I have never seen them before live, but if they sound the same like on their last cd “What’s Damn Wrong?”, it is really the good band for a party. There are four of them: Laurent Soriano – Gibson lead guitar player, Rob Hernandez – bass player, Alex Wullschleger – drummer and, finally, Walt Steiner – vocalist and rhythm guitarist (for this cd they have a help in a person of Hamp Ruosch – piano player)… the right amount of people to produce exciting rock’n’roll sound.

And they are trying to do all their best by adding some fun and energy. If those guys have called themselves The Noisy Boys, I wish there would have been more that kind of noisy bands nowadays. The cd includes 14 songs, all are in fast tempo, very suitable for dancing. Most are written by the band, there are good lyrics and easy-streaming music. I like their self-penned compositions the most. Though, the covers are chosen very well. For example, it is fun to listen to the blues’n’rhythm song “Lizzy Lou” (original by Doug Quattlebaum), which now has a look of rock’n’roll composition. “Honey, You Talk Too Much” (of Orville Fox and the Harmony Masters) looks like a copy of original, but the guitar solo is changed and piano solo is simplified and moved a bit further, which I suppose just caused to separate those two instruments and not let them follow each other. I want also mention two more covers (both you will find on Buffalo Bop “Dateless Night”) – “Dateless Night” (of Alan Page and The Deltons) and “Let’s Dance” (covered from The Excels) , which also could be called “copies” and that gives me once again the idea, that most of the bands should add something different to their arrangement, otherwise they fail in comparison with original versions. The self written “What’s Damn’ Wrong” (somewhere in the middle of the song list) has a very funny beginning and gives a strong link to the picture of cd cover (listen and you will find which exactly) , but also shows that The Noisy Boys’ own compositions are so much better… they have everything, the don’t need to play copycats.

Finally, the nice discovery I made when cd suddenly stopped and I had to start it again on my laptop… instead of singing I heard how the band members introduced themselves… opening my media player I found the video. Not just a small clip, but a “private dossier” – photos (maybe on some of them you will recognise yourself?), live video from the 36th Montreur Jazz Festival (15 July, 2002), and secret studio materials that include not only recording process itslef, but also all the discussions. Nice and pleasant way to “meet” those guys.

And certainly, if you are about to buy a cd, it would be the right decission to choose this one instead of many others.

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Noisy Boys
Song: Dance The Stroll
Noisy Boys
Song: Hep Cat


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