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CD/DVD Reviews » Tip Top Trio, The - The Tip Top Trio

Track List:

Daddy-o / Git' Cat / Red Hot / Don't Pretend / I Hate L.a. / Rockabilly Rocket / Dream Girl / You Won't Say It / Besame Mucho / Rockabilly V.d. / Betty In A Sweater / Shut Your Mouth (feat. Melissa Callaway) / Move, Move, Move
Tip Top Trio, The
The Tip Top Trio
Feathers Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 22 March 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

I have another band to introduce to you - The Tip Top Trio from Sacramento (California) with their debut studio CD album. I like the way they are doing promotion. Introduction letter (neat and clear), bio, high quality band picture, cd's – everything the advertising package must include. But, it is not advertising of band, but music. The band are not playing since this release; maybe only just for fun, at least not like they used to (for two years travelling around and sharing the stage with Deke Dickerson, Arsen Roulette, the Chop Tops, etc).

But, alright, now it's time to turn on the cd and find out what this drumless trio can offer us. If to use only a couple of words to describe the band and their music, I would choose fresh and fast. Or maybe even fast and fresh, to be more precise. I guess, making that tempo and filling every space with playing and singing, they are trying to compensate absence of drums. As for me, I wish they would have added stronger bass beat to it instead of speeding up the music. But maybe I am wrong with it, probably it's just firing blood, love for rock'n'roll and overflowing energy that makes the band sound this way. All songs are self-penned, except Besame Mucho (which has Tip Top Trio arrangement... good try), the lyrics are included, so you can follow the stories and maybe even to sing along. What I like about this band, they want to make their own sound and express rock'n'roll the way they feel it. Yes, feel - a perfect word to use! Impressionists in their souls, creating a specific neo-rockabilly sound, which one would love and another reject. But at least all three of them have fun, you can hear it in every tune, and it is very important in rock'n'roll - if you have energy, you should share it. Way of playing is simple, but good. Styles of songs have the same base, like one route, where you can move slower (like in the song "I Hate L.A.") or faster (just the next track "Rockabilly Rocket"... here you need a lot of exercizing to sing with the band... I gave up after 5th time), but it is still the same route. The Gretsch guitar player Hotwire Hotrod, rhythm guitarist Dick Dice and doghouse fiddle slapper Zack B. Hetic made a good job to keep this "road" and not to move in other directions, which probably also helps them to be recognisible. In one song "Shut Your Mouth" also Melissa Callaway joined for duet, or maybe even to say something for a quarrel with the men (every member of the band had to say something)... funny song.

Right! Before I make a final line, I have to add to my previous description of this cd two more words, beside "fast and fresh" it is also"fun and rock'n'roll"!

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