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CD/DVD Reviews » Del Moroccos, The - Blue Black Hair

Track List:

Baby Doll / He Knocks Me Out / That's A Pretty Good Love / I Don't Know / Don't Break My Heart / Daddy You Lied To Me / I Want Some More / Blue Black Hair / I'd Rather Go Blind / El Tren De La Costa / Skinny Jimmy / Action Packed / That's All You Gotta Do
Del Moroccos, The
Blue Black Hair
Hi-style Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rhythm'n blues
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 08 March 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Hey guys, I have some hot stuff for you! See the cover of The Del Moroccos new cd "Blue Black Hair", and you will understand what I mean. That sexy "mean looking mama" not only looks like that, but has a voice that really has a "lot of estrogen" in it. Naughty, confident, a little bit "dirty"... do you already like it? Now take that "imagine" with you and connect it with your favourite music. Looks too nice? Then this cd is really your thing.
Gabrielle Sutton is a front girl, backed up by voices of Suzy Brack and Barb Clifford (from The Honeybees). And only on this cd you have a chance to hear those back vocals, because these girls are no longer in the band. By now they are replaced by Adrienne Stoner and Sarah Goldstien, that makes the band not worse, but with a slightly different sparkle.
Also the speciality of this "Suttons’ creation" is huge variation of instruments (and also musicians), that gives it a real concert feeling. This time I would like first introduce you to those people, who have participated in making this nice music here. Gabrielle and Jimmy Sutton don’t need introduction, they are known everywhere. Jimmy Sutton is famous mostly with slappin’ bass (all around the globe) and his Four Charms, Gabrielle as his wife, co-operater, support and owner of a vintage store. Now let’s meet other musicians and singers. Basic backing vocals - Barbara Clifford is well known member of The Honeybees and Suzy Brack is from “pop with a punk edge” band Suzy Brack and The New Jack Lords. Aaron Hammes (piano, accoustic guitar) is also sax player in a reggae/ska/American soul band Deal's Gone Bad; Beau Sample (electric bass) is lead singer and bass player in one of favourite rockabilly band Cave Catt Sammy. Bill Pekara (electric bass) - guitarist and Alex Hall (drums, B3 organ, percussion) – organ player and Josh Bell (sax, perscussion) - saxophonist in bluesy band The Stacks. Seems like a Chicago jam session, right? If it is so, then it is, I think, the best, most professional and probably first recorded jam session ever.
The biggest influences of the band, which you can recognize immidiately, are Ronnie Dawson, Big Maybelle and Link Wray…. Maybe even much more. But what I can say for sure, it sounds rock’n’rolling. Everybody is doing their job great and without any mistakes. Recording is made perfectly. Even with eight people in a band, they don’t make much noise, everyone has his own acting time and most of the time is giving space to each other. My favourite song is the first one “Baby Doll”, which undoubtly makes you say “Wow!” The next ones make me a bit tired of high pitch voice, but it is probably my problem, I think guys would love it! Oherwise it won’t be the cd that has the 7th place on Euro Americana Charts. One more reason to buy this cd and give a good listening. And don’t forget to share your opinion with us!

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Del Moroccos, The
Song: El Tren De La Costa
Del Moroccos, The
Song: Baby Doll


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