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CD/DVD Reviews » Fatboy - In My Bones

Track List:

1 Way Down Low
2 Down At The Room
3 Springtime
4 I Once Had You
5 The Way We Were
6 Born To Love One Woman
7 Dark City Sky
8 Humiliation
9 In My Bones
10 Busy Bee
11 Blue Skies
In My Bones
Fat State Production (2008)
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Possible Styles: indie pop, rock, rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 28 February 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Let’s imagine, you are home with a beautiful woman by your side. A nice and cosy, candle light fills the room. You need music. Jazz? - No, not exacly your thing. Rock’n’roll? No, too wild for that kind of evening. Blues? No, you are certainly more in rock’n’roll. Still thinking? Well, probably then you don’t have the cd of Fatcat in your collection. Because for this certain occasion, it is the right thing to choose. The sound is proffesional and clear. The choice of instruments (as well as backing vocals) is “neatly” chosen and varies from one song to another. Voice is relaxed and lazy (what I really like about it!). It is quite tricky to judge every “sound”, because it is heard like “one thing” and strangenly enough in this case it seems unfair to me to separate one instrument from the other. Everything has its right place and doesn’t matter how hard I have been trying to find something wrong, I could not. Also cover and song book are made very professional. The band knows exactly what they are doing and how to do it good.
Almost all songs are self penned (except Born To Love One Woman, which though has the Fatcats’ own arrangment), but you will immidiately feel strong influence of Chris Isaak (on some moments you won’t even hear difference) with slight touches of English rock band from early 80s, The Smiths, and maybe somewhere even The Cramps. If you expect rockabilly, you won’t find it here. More pop and indie rock tunes in it.
I guess, you are wondering why it is a good choice for quiet evening of rock’n’rollers? Because it certainly has something you would like about it. It has a line, if you are not in hurry and follow every song by song (don’t turn the song shift on!), the music make you feel excited in the beginning, then cool you down, play with you by speeding up and slowing again… Busy Bee I would call a culmination (also my favourite song on this cd), then the last track will give you kind of a flying feeling with the blood still pumping in your vessels. Well, I was doing nothing, just simple listening. To be honest, not really my kind of music, though I really liked it. Maybe so will you.

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Fatboy Band Information


Submitted by fatboy (15 February 2009)
Well, it’s about the authenticity. A true passion beyond cool hairstyles. Music that swings in such a way that even the devil will beg for mercy. Fatboy boasts a rich mixture of influences ranging from Faron Young, Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Elvis and Roy Orbison to The Smiths, Chris Isaak and The Cramps. The dreams of the fifties, country and rockabilly music is being challenged by equal amounts of contemporary pop and indie rock, with a tasteful element of Greek bouzouki music and klezmer on the top of it. Fatboy recently has released their second album “In My Bones” in Scandinavia and it...

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Song: Way Down Low
Song: The Way We Were


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