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CD/DVD Reviews » Jerry Fuller - A Double Life - The Challenge Recordings 1959-1966

Track List:

1. What Happened To The Music
2. Double Life
3. Turn To Me
4. The Master Plan
5. The Killer
6. I Get Carried Away
7. Man In Black
8. Don't Let Go
9. Tennessee Waltz
10. Betty My Angel
11. I Dreamed About My Lover
12. Two Loves Have I
13. Above And Beyond
14. Shy Away
15. Anna From Louisiana
16. One Heart
17. Gone For The Summer
18. Trust Me
19. Guilty Of Loving You
20. The Place Where I Cry
21. Beach Party (demo)
22. I Only Came To Dance With You
23. The Killer (alt Version)
24. Hollywood Star
Jerry Fuller
A Double Life - The Challenge Recordings 1959-1966
Ace Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rock, soul, rockabilly
Submitted by: raveonreviews.
Publication date - 23 February 2009
Copyrights: (c) Johnny Vallis 2009

Jerry Fuller involvement in the music business is vast. A producer, performer and also a superb songwriter, he also discovered such talents ranging from Gary Puckett to Collin Raye. This set covers Fuller’s seven-year stretch on Hollywood’s Challenge label. Fuller’s stylings are eclectic, everything from the Northern Soul sound of the title track “Double Life,” PF Sloan sounding “Man In Black” to teen pop flavors such as the Bobby Vee inspired “Shy Away” written by the Dave Burgess.
“The Place Where I Cry” would have fit the stylings of Ray Peterson or Roy Orbison,
Two strong covers include Roy Hamilton’s 1957 smash “Don’t Let Go” and the Buck Owen hit “Above and Beyond” recorded with label-mate Diane Maxwell who the year before was the first female vocalist on Challenge label with the girl group sound.
Included are informative and compelling notes by Tony Rounce detailing everything right down to how Rick Nelson phrased a line in Fuller’s song “Travelin’ Man,” originally written with Sam Cooke in mind.

Fuller demonstrated great chops in many styles and the proof is the work he left behind in his Challenge period, just a shame he didn’t have a larger recording career.

- Johnny Vallis

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