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CD/DVD Reviews » Honeybees, The - Hive Jive

Track List:

Sweet Sweet Baby / Cheat, Grey Lady / Do I Dare / Headstrong / Drama / Certain Sir / Leave My Kitten Alone / 5 X 5 / I Was Your Dream / Long Distance / One Bad Habit / Star Above / What A Bee / (bonus Track)
Honeybees, The
Hive Jive
El Toro Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rockabilly, jump'n blues
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 07 February 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Are you a bit tired of this energetic sound and tearing up voices? Do you need some warm and cosy feeling which only a woman can bring in rockabilly music? Then I have here something for you. The Honeybees with their last album “Hive Jive” will surround you with a special “honey” sound and dip you in their thrilling world. The cd contains 14 tracks, most of them are self penned by two girl vocalists Barbara Clifford (one of the founders of the band) and Rachel Decker.

Their voices are not the same, some of you gonna like more soft singing of Barbara and maybe somebody else will prefer something stronger like voice of Rachel, but personally me, I enjoy their combination. Then it sounds ideal and very pleasant for ears. While listening to the cd you will discover one more person who is also playing “frontman” besides those two mentioned above girls. Here she is – another original band member – Theresa Drda, the drummer. She is opening the songs, she is participating vigirously in them and quite often she is making the endings.

Without any doubts, even without singing a word, I would call her the third lead vocalist. The rest members of the band, to make it equal, are three guys. As it happens in life the men are beside the girls to give them support and opportunity to shine. Hiding in the back they make the base. Michael Hogeorges (bass guitar and husband of Theresa), Manny Guevara (electric and acoustic guitars) and Mark Braun (baritone, electric and steel guitars) are those three heros, who make the sound full.

Running through the songs, I would like to mention some of them. My favourites, Sweet Sweet Baby (where steady rockin’ beat gives a great opportunity to enjoy the special playing of two voices); Drama is a beautiful slow composition with a special effect to make your heart beat faster (not because that electric sound that somehow becomes here more obvious than in other songs, but probably because of lovely lyrics and special feelings in voices to make those words really alive); I Was Your Dream (very good rhythm, smooth sound and tender touch of steel guitar makes this song brilliant and in my opinion, the best on this cd.

Also another funny thing, this sad story brings a smile on your lips… and I have not any clue why… probably it's a magic); What a Bee – should be the Honeybees hymn… it sums up everything and everybody, which makes it “big” and buzzy, but also a bit noisy. Bonus track is also worth mentioning. Here the girls are backing up the singer and guitar player Shawn Koch in a song “Good Times Here, Better Down The Road” (performed in a-la Stray Cats style).

Well, anyone can like or dislike something on this cd, but the final opinion will always be positive. And yes, those girls have proved one fact – even staying sweet you can sound rockin’.

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26 July 2009
Comment by michaeldeluxe

The bad part about this band is that every song they do is a duet in "harmony". They are out of sync a bit too much and honestly this would be a better band without the dueling vocals.

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Honeybees, The
Song: What A Bee


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