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CD/DVD Reviews » Loosenoose - Loosenoose

Track List:

Southern Belle / Katerine / Hangin On For You / Jayalena / Papa Loved Mama / Your Just No Good / Crazy Heart / How Do I Know? / Rich Little Bitch / Rozadetta / I Keep Forgettin' To Remember / You Will Never Need Me / Mr. Blues (keeps Callin') ;/ Flash In The Pan / Devil Got A Hold / Hello, Did We Say Goodbye? / If My Heart Could Speak / Crazy Heart (alternate) / Mr Blues (alternate) / Devil Got A Hold (the Lucifer Mix)
Crazy Love (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, country rock
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 09 January 2009
Copyrights: Rockin Nev

Well here it is - much awaited album from Mark Harman, Jeff Bayley and Mark Simpson - Loosenoose. If you're buying this expecting a neo-rockabilly, Restless flashback, it's not! Buy it though anyway this is a brand new band and sound.

The album contains 20 tracks making it exceptional value for money and too long to review track by track, all but one Mark Harman originals.

The opener, Southern Belle is a stomping country/rockabilly romp designed to drink hard too, Katterine - a wailing country rock tearjerker of lost love with superb vocals.

Hanging on for you, feature Jeff's double bass to the fore a mid tempo number with to me a an early 60's country sound. The only cover on the album is Garth Brookes 'Papa Loves Mama', now I have never really liked Mr Brookes, but these guys seem to make the song dirtier, gritier and take the 'showbiz' off it which is how how bar room drinkin' songs should sound.

Rich Little Bitch grinds out the guitar of Mark a heavier rock sound here. The I Keep Forgettin' to Remember' is back to a more rockabilly sound, tight snare, slapping bass and twanging guitar. Flash in the Pan zips along and should get any crowd jumping around.

There are a lot of great songs on this but my favorite is Devil got a Hold (the lucifer mix), the second version of the song on the album and for any neo fans who thought the guys would let them down this proves they dont, hard fast, dirty, equal to any of Restless' work.

The band have produced an excellent album and should be very big as a result, its accessibile to just about everyone who likes the rockin' scene, no matter what their preference of styles. The standard of musicianship is top notch.

I have heard that people liken this to the Mavericks, Garth Brooks and the like, but I can hear Marty Robbins, Bob Luman type influences as well, don't be put off by the 'country' tag that may associated with this, it is so much more.

I saw them preview this at last years Rockabilly Rave, they were a blow away success and brought the house down, as the new material becomes more familiar to the fans then I think we'll hear less of the calls for old stuff, although the boys were happy to throw some of that in as well.

Overall, buy it, see them enjoy it.

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