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CD/DVD Reviews » Keytones, The - Whooper Snooper

Track List:

Whooper Snooper / Marie / Love Me To Pieces / Thanks To You / Cannoball Rag / Please Be My Love / Race With The Devil / The Apple Of My Eye / Short Of Lovin / Slow Down / I Knew From The Start / Forty Five Men / Baby Take Me Back / Hear Angels Sigh / Sittin' On Top Of The World / At Sundown / Fools Rush In / I Just Can't Wait / Anyway / Crazy Over You / Miserlou
Keytones, The
Whooper Snooper
Boola Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: doo-wop, rock'n'roll, jive, rhythm'n'blues, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 23 December 2008
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Do you believe in perfection? Do you believe that nowadays you can find a perfect band? To be honest, I didn’t… until I saw The Keytones live in Caddy’s Diner (Holland). The plan was to go out and fool around with my friends (you know - drink some beer or few, have a chat, maybe dance). The plan worked out well till the English band started to play. For some minutes me and my friends were paralised. Those guys didn’t need a warm-up; they just went on stage and started play with such an ease (in all meanings of this word! No show, no fake “50's America” voices, no tension… just pure fun in a very natural way. I guess you must be thinking now: hey, what does it all have to do with a cd review? And I must tell you - the cd gives the same feeling, only without “moving pictures”. Sure, the band has a long time experience, but they are the only ones who have reached this level of quality. This cd is very special and certainly one of my few favourites. First of all it is very smartly “organised”… it starts and finishes with instrumentals, so it has a beginning and the end. Fast tempo Whooper Snooper (name of the cd is already showing up in the first song… simple, but also makes it kind of unusual) shows the best ability of musicians. And yes, it is real and it already makes you addicted to The Keytones. Even though I have never played properly on any kind of musical instrument, I can bet that it could be a perfect example for other bands how to play right and also communicate with each other. What I like about this cd is that it suprises you all the time. Be ready, the styles of songs are changing so fast that you won’t even have time to catch your breath… doo-wop, rockabilly, jive, rhytm’n’blues… and everything so perfect, you won’t believe your ears.
I will just pick up some songs; There are 21 tracks on the cd, so let's jump right to the heart and start from the 10th, which is a cover of Larry Williams hit “Slow Down”. I think it is the cd's wildest track and, sorry Larry, in my opinion better than the original (though it is not a big surprise as they ARE The Keytones). The next one “I Knew from the Start” slows you down, but still what a power! If you compare it to the version of The Moonglows, you will see a very interesting difference. First of all, the Keytones’ (with only three of them) singing is much stronger than that of the five-piece band. Another point they don’t make it 50’s, it sounds contemporary yet brilliant, it's a doo-wop with such a great rhythm. Amazing, what they can do! And again they show their ability to play with their voices. Let’s move further to my favourite happy swinging “Forty Five Men in Telephone Booth”. I want to assure you, as soon as you hear it, it will become your favourite too! Next track is rock’n’roll… so pure, so energetic… I am surprised at a thought spinning in my head: it's certainly one of the best contemporary rock’n’roll bands! The funniest thing is, the more you listen to the cd, the more you seem to be lost: is it the best doo-wop band, or are they the best rock’n’rollers… is it a blues band or more jive one (they have so much swing in them!)? All I can tell them are pure compliments… everything in the Keytones (first music, then voices, then feeling, communication, etc, etc) is too good to be true.
And you know, if you check the line up, you will see that all of them have only names, no nick-names; you won’t find in the description wild drums, rockin’ bass or shouting guitar; no special guests are invited to make extra sound… as simple as that. But that is why they are simply the best.

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06 January 2009
Comment by rockinev

I used to see this band very often when they first appeared on the scene in the early '80's playing one of my local clubs in Maldon Essex, UK regularly, they always were a great live band and as you say very versitile. I still have an old 45rpm signed EP, which has the Munsters Theme on it great stuff. I'll look out for this and see if I cant catch them live again soon.

06 January 2009
Comment by bopperer

Great band, no doubt! After listening to their tracks it's just impossible not to like them, yes! Gonna get me this (and maybe all) albums by this fantastic band!!!

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Keytones, The
Song: Crazy Over You
Keytones, The
Song: Whooper Snooper


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