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CD/DVD Reviews » Paul Paterson - Nite Of 1000 Guitars

Track List:

I Got It Hard / Surfin' Loch Lomond / Shimmy Shake / Rebel Drums A-go-go / Union Avenue Braekdown / Flathead Ford / Le Coup-garou De Paris / The Hornet Returns / Surfin' Bird / A Shot In The Dark / Peter Gunn / Ramblin' Man / Speedtrap Boogie / Rockin' Gypsy / I Got It Hard (bop 'til You Drop) Bonus Track
Paul Paterson
Nite Of 1000 Guitars
Rollin Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockin blues, surf, garage
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 02 November 2008
Copyrights: Rockin Nev

Paul paterson is a busy man, not only is he a member of 'Union Avenue' the excellent Johnny cash sounding band, and the hard rockin Hi Voltage, he has had time to record this solo album.

It is hard to classify the album by genre as it covers so many, but surf/guitar is most prominent. In fact Paul has almost created a genre by himself on some tracks. Psychosurf, perhaps?

The lead track 'I Got It Hard' is already a dance floor classic, hard drivin rockin blues number with cutting guitar licks and an excellent bass line with gruff vocal accompaniment. You two get versions on the album including the 'bop til you drop' mix. Terrific stuff.

'Surfin Loch Lomond' follows, combining the Scottish folk tume with Miserlou might not be everyones idea of creating a rockin tune but some how Paul pulls it off, his guitar is superb, as it is throughout the album.

'Shimmy Shake' a sixties influenced bluesey number should appeal to strollers.

'Rebel Drums A-Go-Go' again combines two differnt tracks, 'Rebel Rouser' and 'Drums A-Go-Go', this works even better, in fact I can see this becoming a bit of a Rockers anthem given the right exposure.

'Flathead Ford' is in the rockin territory with fuzzed up guitars and vocals.

It has to be said that not all the tracks work, well not for me anyway, Surfin' Bird & A Shot In the Dark just dont quite gell .

When the album returns to Duane Eddy, with P'eter Gunn' it's back on form. The strangest cover of a Hank Williams song 'Ramblin Man' brings in a rockin beat and guitar with the wierdest vocal, not sure on this I'll leave it to you to decide.

'Speedtrap Boogie' is a good track, but then 'Rockin Gypsy' just misses the mark.

Certainly the albums highlights some superb guitar work and is probably the most diverse collection I have heard on one album.

All in all a hit and miss for me ,4 stars though because you finish with the second cut of 'I Got It Hard' and it really makes the purchase worthwhile.

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