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CD/DVD Reviews » Truly Lover Trio - Dig It, Baby, Dig It

Track List:

Let's Go Out Tonight (dj Mix) / Dig It / Party Baby / Cuando Vas A Comenzar / Take Me Home / It's Time / Dream Come True / I'll Be Cryin' / Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart / Let's Go Out Tonight (out-take) / Together / Chains Of Love / Don't Sweat It / Dig It (demo) / Let's Go Out Tonight (thunderbird Version)
Truly Lover Trio
Dig It, Baby, Dig It
Twinkletone Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 19 October 2008
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

I have in my hands the album of Truly Lover Trio “Dig It, Baby, Dig It”. Before I started to listen to it, I had a look at the band’s homepage, which is a pure reflection of CD - the same colours, the same style, the same “Dig It” feeling throughout every page. So you are immediately getting the idea that this album perfectly shows what going on in the soul and heart of the band.

Now it is time to listen to it. When the first track begins to play and 10 seconds later you hear the voice of Marcel, the thought “if it is the right CD?” immediately comes to my head. Well, right, it is not Roy Orbison himself, but very clever “covering” of the star of 50s…. Covering not songs (because almost all tracks are self-penned), but style and also voice. To be honest, I am not a big fan of Roy Orbison, but I enjoyed this recordings very much. If to forget for a moment about this huge influence, you can find in it just simply very good rock-n-roll sound, professional playing, clear and soft voice. Drummer Jeff Gerow and bass player Randy Stanton give some support to each other and, with addition of guitar playing of Marcel Riesco, all together make very nice combination. My favourite is Spanish “Cuando Vas a Comenzar” - great rhythm, perfect for dancing! Also very special - “It’s Time” - heartbreaking song with crying harmonica of Marcel (who, by the way, also playing guitars, electric bass, snare drum, tambourine and snakers on this cd). “Let’s Go Out Tonight” has two versions – DJ Mix (wild and rockin’ steady beat) and Out-Take (more rockabilly… you can hear very good slappin’ and wonderful guitar solos). Just fun to compare and find your favourite one. And I have to mention, there are only two covers (out of 15 songs): “Breakin’ Up Is Breaking’ and “Chains of Love” of Gene Simmons (singing it Orbison style) on this cd. Impressive, isn’t it?

Ok, now let's make a final line. In general it looks to me like kind of tribute album to Roy Orbison, and everyone who likes his music, would be satisfied with that recording, finding the strong connection between the idol of 50s and modern rock’n’roll band Truly Lover Trio, and at the same time discovering something special that is common only for that trio, their own sound.

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23 December 2008
Comment by kustomkulturejim

These cats rock! I saw them at the Redwood Bar and Grill, and they rocked the house. Marcel reminded me very much of a young Elvis.


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