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CD/DVD Reviews » Reno Brothers - 90 Miles To Reno

Track List:

Let De Devil Come Out - Rollin' Roadhouse - Johnny Law - 90 Miles - Travellin' On - Still In Love With You - Make It Allright - Rollin' Ramblin' Man - I Don't Know - Hotrod Saturday Night - Don't Even Know Your Name - Truckin' Man - You Gave Me A Mountain - White Corn - East Bound And Down.
Reno Brothers
90 Miles To Reno
Tombstone Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: country rock/country pop
Submitted by: dutch.
Publication date - 19 October 2008

After the amazing great bopping CD single “Born To Party” 2000, “Live at the Cruise Inn” 2002 (together with Mischief) and “Six Years On The Road And Movin’ On” 2005. This is the fourth CD where the Reno’s appeared on and a lot of people are waiting for.

The last four years the band changed their style from Boppin’ Rockabilly into a more country rock style. Rockin’ Ramon left the band and Rolf Hartogs (ex Haystack Hi Tones) came in. I've listened this cd in two different ways. That isn’t so strange if you imagine that The Reno Brothers are already 10 years playing in the rockabilly scene and on this album you hardly can find any rockabilly at all! I only can notify it as country rock or even to country pop from the 70’s. If you visit them in a club or cafe they play this kind of music, but if you seeing them on a festival with more bands it seems they adjust themselves more to rockabilly.

If I listen to the music how they are playing I have to say wow! All musicians are excellent with their instrument. Rogier’s and Rolf’s guitar playing is breathtaking, drummer Aeilko is superb and Eddy the bass player is hitting the strings firm. Singing (strong) voice of Rogier is also very enjoyable to listen to.

What about the songs?
“Let the devil come out” is the opening song and is written by Rogier, he’s a great songwriter. He wrote seven of the 15 songs. The song is rockin’ from start to end. The lyrics are easy to remember so you can sing along quickly.

“Rollin’ Roadhouse”. This time the Reno’s are on the Highway with this trucking rockin’ song. Great guitar playing!

The Wayne Hancock cover “Johnny Law” is again rockin’. Great Musicianship.

“90 miles” everything perfect! Rocking, boppin’, high tempo the Reno’s know how to rock.

“Travelling On” I start to believe the CD should be the all time favourite of U.S. truck drivers! Maybe the union of truck drivers can give the album to every new member...

“Still in love with you” finally they are of the Highway but the trucking tempo continues.

“Make It Allright” this song appeared also on their CD single “Born To Party”. Great song I’m happy to hear rockabilly. Musically much better but atmosphere is less than eight years ago.

Back to the seventies with “Rolling Ramblin’ Man”. Fine song with strong voice of Rogier. Nice musically interventions. These boy’s did a lot of work to let it sound if it was very easy. But it isn’t! Well done...

“I Don’t Know” we continue in the country rock style...

“Hotrod Saturday Night” is also a cover from their debut CD single “Born To Party”. Blood pumping rockabilly same like “Make It Allright”. The Reno’s made sure it fit in their new style.

We are truckin’ again with “Don’t Even Know Your Name”. Train beat, country pickin’ the slap bass makes it different than it’s original.

I already went to the shop to buy a country hat and start growing a beard with “Truckin’ Man”. Again the slapping bass man makes the difference.

“You Gave Me A Mountain” I didn’t new it was from Marty Robbins. I knew like everybody that Elvis sang it. Again the Reno’s are showing their ability to playing perfectly together. Amazing how they are able to copy the whole TCB band of Elvis with just the four of them. Big compliment for the drummer!

“White Corn” Let’s play another trucking song! This time it’s an instrumental one.

Lets finish with a truckin’ song! “East Bound & Down” Train beat & country pickin’.

As I said I have mixture feelings with this CD. On one hand, great musicianship and if they are rockin’ there’s no band as the Reno Brothers. On the other hand I don’t think you really can say this is rockabilly.

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