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CD/DVD Reviews » Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars - Wild 'n' Pretty

Track List:

Folsom Prison Bop / I Want My Baby Now / You Give Me Lovin' / Hello Baby / The Sheriff Man / Bluer Than Blue / Baby Fan The Flame / Wild 'n' Pretty / Jumping From Six To Six / Teenage Ball / She Makes Me Feel Blue / What I Did Wrong / Teenage Bug / House Of The Rising Sun.
Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars
Wild 'n' Pretty
Western Star (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, country
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 14 October 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

This British rockabilly combo has been playing hot music for 10 years already and have become favourites on the club scene, and "Wild & Pretty" is their only their 4th album in this time. Of course it better to concentrate on quality over quantity - prooved here with their latest release.

Here are 14 tracks of the hottest rockabilly bop, 9 of which are written by the band, and 5 covers which the band are known to perform during their live shows.

So the album starts off with a assertive take on Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues'. The guys change the music by adding fuzzy vocals and Johnny Burnette Trio style guitar, and they rename this 1st track 'Folsom Prison Bop'.
In 'I Want my Baby Now' Rudy La Crioux and The All Stars display both musical charisma and vocal versatility. Beautiful back up singing makes the song memorable among the current rockabilly bop numbers.

The third track 'You Gimme Lovin'" is penned by Rudy and is a perfect example of how straight ahead rock 'n' roll should sound, complete with feel-good melody and lyrics. Wild piano breaks just put an icing on the cake for me. Untamed rock 'n' roll music!

'Hello Baby' has almost a Bo Diddley rhythm, but for beat changes when the guitar break, making the song uptempo. As the melody is slow the vocalist has to work hard, and I think Rudy struggled a little to achieve it.

"The Sheriff Man" is another song written a few years ago by Rudy. It's a heartbreaking story about murder and love and chicka-boom rhythm to accompany the lyrics.

'Bluer Then Blue' is another upbeat rock'n'roller which shows that the band like to mix up their rockin' styles. Bop, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, and country tracks wonderfully collected onto one CD.

Just when you think that the album is slowing slighty in tempo, The Allstars hits you with a string of 6 boppers, mixing rockin' cover songs with tracks which are penned by the band. 'Teenage Bug' is a classic style rock 'n' roll tune to which I will see dance floor full.
The album ends with the infamous 'House Of The Rising Sun' - but being a rockabilly band the guys change it to a rockin' style.

This album will be loved on the rockin' scene. If you're not sure about the purchase, then go and see the band playing near you. Their schedule is impressive - and they are one of the hardest working bands on the scene.

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27 October 2008
Comment by wobblywax

Reminds me of 'The Johnny Razor Years' by none other than Rudy La Crioux's late grandpa (bless him)
Buy this album before you die otherwise you will only regret it .
Bloody amazing stuff , can't wait for the next one.
God bless you all.


Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars Band Information

Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars

Submitted by slapbasswoody (24 August 2007)
THE JOURNEY ON THE LOST HIGHWAY During the summer of 2007 we started work on what is considered to be our best album, “Wild ‘n’ Pretty”. We returned to our old stomping ground of “Western Star Records” with El Capitano, Alan Wilson at the helm. Released in May 2008 and with half of the tracks our own, it is by far the one of the best mixes of vintage and modern rockabilly. The songs are varied and there are some killer tracks, check out “Bluer Than Blue”, “I Want My Baby Now”, “Folsom Prison Bop”, “What I Did Wrong”, “You Gimme Lovin”, “The House Of...


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