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CD/DVD Reviews » Lisa George & The Pedalos - The Devil Said Shake

Track List:

Touch Me / Voodoo Voodoo / Holy Joe / Market Place / Cried In Knots / Funnel Of Love / Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy / Ain't Love Addictive / Keep On Pushin' / Jeopardy / Didn't It Rain / Hip Shakin' Baby / The Devil Said Shake.
Lisa George & The Pedalos
The Devil Said Shake
Raucous Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, rythm & blues, country
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 20 September 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

Lisa George has been into 1940s and 50s music for a good while now and some of us know her from Rockin' Rhythm & Blues big band 'The Cat Pack' as well as all girl band 'Helles Bells'. Now the mighty talent of this lady takes her back to performing Rockabilly music once again. Backed up by exceptional musicians 'Lisa George & The Pedalos' is a sensational 5 piece rockabilly outfit and their first album 'The Devil Said Shake' is the proof!

Lucky 13 firey tracks display Lisa's big vocal talents. The album starts with a mellow, sensual version of Johnny Burnette's classic "Touch Me". From the first notes the melody, Lisa's voice transfers you into some wild Mexican desert. A devilish, almost hypnotic drumbeat captivate your emotions, and you want to listen to this album in full.

The second song continues the feel with Lisa's take on Lavern Baker's 'Voodoo Voodoo'. This uptempo stroller allows Lisa to demonstrate her strong, powerful and melodic voice. I don't know if Lisa's roots lie in a love of Rockabilly or more in the Swing and Rhythm & Blues, but the album has a diverse selection of songs with variations on all these styles. The Pedalos add their own feel to each song and show originality in self-penned originals.

The third track of the album 'Holy Joe' is a sneak peak on Lisa's love of Rhythm & Blues. The song is a mix of rockin' guitar and swing motives, the combination which continues throughout on this album. The Pedalos don't stop on one perticular style of music, they mix and match 1940s and 50s styles, occasionally venturing into more modern Rockabilly, as with their scene hit "Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy".

One of my favourites on this album is 'Market Place', another powerful stroller. Lisa puts in a spellbinding performance convinces me that I have become a real fan of this band.

'Cried in Knots' is written by Mick Cocksedge (known via his own band The Cordwood Draggers). It's a Country tune with typical heartbreaking lyrics perfectly carried through the emotions in Lisa's voice.

'The Devil Said Shake' is a result of supreme music from a combination of one of the best female voices I have ever heard and top rockin' band recorded in one of the best vintage-style recording studios in the UK, Riverside Studios.

This is one of the best albums I have ever listened to, boasting amazing music, vocals and lyrics. Check this album out, you will not be disappointed.

Songs to check out: Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy, Market Place, Didn't It Rain, The Devil Said Shake, Touch Me and the rest...

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