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CD/DVD Reviews » Las Pistolas - The Legend Begins

Track List:

Pros And Cons / Jakyll And Hyde / Feelin' Real / Do Or Die / Gotta Get / Eddie Sin.
Las Pistolas
The Legend Begins
Raucous Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: neo-rockabilly, rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 16 August 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

There are dozens of bands playing the Neo-Rockabilly style of music, but
many ends up sounding like Psychobilly or even hardcore punkabilly. Well, Las Pistolas are different. The group actually plays really red hot modern sounding rockabilly music, and listening to their debut album I realized how I like that 'classic' neo-rockabilly sound.

The album consist of 6 songs, so it's a mini album and is a wonderful introduction to this British 'billies.

The first song 'Pros & Cons' is probably the 'heaviest' on sound, but the excellent Gretch guitar playing of Benny The Rooster keeps it real and clear of fuzz. Other 5 songs are similar in sound, but have their own distict melodies and catchy choruses. All three instruments on the disc play their important role without overpowering one another. The punchy double bass carries the mood of the songs, the guitar masterfully shapes the band's sound and drums glue it
all toghether. Las Pistolas take a new twist on classic neo-rockabilly and make a fantastic job of it!

Las Pistolas 'The Legend Begins' CD is for greased-up rockers and neo-rockabilly fans.

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Las Pistolas Band Information

Las Pistolas

Submitted by laspistolas (18 April 2007)
THE LEGEND GOES..... When Benny the Rooster (self proclaimed original king of Rock ‘n’ Roll) finally escaped from his frozen captivity, he vowed to take back the music that was stolen from him all those years ago. Many songs have come and gone but all had a link and that link was Benny the Rooster. With his Gretsch on his back and mic in hand, he set out to form the most RED HOT ROCKIN band people had ever seen. On drums, SHAKING and making your WISHES come true, Johnny Phantana, the Las Vegas genie released from his cocktail shaker by Benny the...

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Song: Pros & Cons


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