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Track List:

Haunted House / What Goes Around, Comes Around / Ready To Go / You're The Fool / The Crossroads / Road Running Man / Like An H-bomb / What I Need / Celestine / Stay Away / Won't Put Me Down / You Know It Ain't Right
Ben Cooper
Cherry Pie Recordings (2008)
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Possible Styles: neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 05 August 2008
Copyrights: Picture HMV

This is a solo project from one of the founding members of Restless, and does just as the title sugests. This is a real neo-rockabilly sound, pounding slap bass with a tight cutting guitar, the musianship is excellent throughout. If you grew up with the neo scene of the 80's you'll love this, however if you like your rockin to have more of the traditional '50's sound then approach with this caution, hence the three stars rating, it could have a slightly limited appeal to the wider rockin scene.
The opening track Haunted House is instantly catchy, other highlights include Like an H-Bomb, recalling the effect of the sound of a slappin bass on the writer, Road Running Man and The Crossroads are also strong numbers. My personal favourite, Ready to Go is a solid hotrodding song that should become favourite live. It should be said that Ben has written all the tracks on the album and in the main they are easily equal to the stuff he did with Restless, fans of them should not hesitate to purchase this album.

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Ben Cooper Band Information

Ben Cooper

Submitted by sonormania (28 March 2009)
Ben Cooper is a singer songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that has been writing and releasing material since the 80's. The songs he has written have appeared on records that have had huge cult success. Some of these records are now considered classics. In 2008 Ben released his first solo album “Rockin” on Cherry Red Records receiving great reviews and airplay around the World. The live band blazed a trail through Europe including Ukraine forging a formidable reputation. The band will be endeavoring to further spread the word through 2009/10 promoting the current album, and a new record in the future. Ben’s is considered a pioneer...


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