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CD/DVD Reviews » Domestic Bumblebees, The - Break Up Bop

Track List:

Ain't It A Shame / Let's Rock 'n' Roll / My Girl Can't Quit Pickin' / Tender Little Lucy / Fine Bottle Blues / No Loving Queen / Breakup Bop / Honey Bee / Highschool Confidential / The Screaming Lobster / Shake It / Give Me Back My Wig / Road Runner.
Domestic Bumblebees, The
Break Up Bop
Enviken Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rhythm'n blues, boogie-woogie, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 20 July 2008
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The Domestic Bumblebees... It was only some months ago that I first heard this name - interesting, unusual, easy to remember, impossible to forget... finally it has nothing to do with cats, rockers, hot rods, rockin', boppin' and different kind of billies. Well, as soon as I saw they must play in De Kroeg (Holland) I got the idea to jump into the car and find out what kind of cold Scandinavian bumblebees they could be. To be honest I was "smashed". From the first sign you will see just three timid (and handsome) guys picking up their instruments, getting ready to play and a minute later, great rock'n'rollers blowing up the whole crowd. It's really magic! Without any doubt, when the set was over, I came to the guys to buy both their CDs. And after that I didn't have any regrets about those two new items in my musical collection.

Alright, let's pick up one of this nice "things" - yellowish digipack with quite simple design and cute poster-booklet in it (which, by the way, has an illustrative lesson of dancing "Break Up Bop"). Nice to touch and pleasant to look at. Now it is time to turn on the CD. Hold tight, 'cause it has so much energy (already from the very start with a Ain't A Shame - an American folk song, which was known in a performance by Nirvana somewhere in the late 80s - and then becoming only bigger and more exciting), it will blow you away from the chair. On the first song as well on some others, you will hear piano lines of Boppin' Steve, adding to this band some boogie-woogie touches. The second composition Let's Rock'n'roll sounds slower but has a perfect rhythm which shows that it IS without any doubts real rock'n'roll! As usual, I am too lazy to discuss every song, but want to attract your attention to some of them which I liked the best. One of them is Fine Bottle Blues about musicians' favourite theme called drinking. It falls out of the track list with it's characteristic rhythm'n'blues sound, showing us the strong connection of this style with rock'n'roll. Simple, but very powerful performance! Breakup Bop is also worth mentioning. If you hear it you will understand why the album is called so (well if you are still not that busy with dancing and still trying to concentrate on music... which is not that easy, believe me). I think it shows just what Domestic Bumblebees are - their best abilities (with solos and amazing musical support of each other), their correct understanding of rock'n'roll music and huge energy they can share with you even this way (without seeing them live). High School Bop is boogie-woogie composition (not surprisingly I guess) is introducing you Boppin Steve, which was already mentioned above. Here he is not only accompanying the band but making the show himself, and also taking part of main vocal. By the way, this guy (along with Harmonica Sam) is almost everywhere coming with the band, so for those who have heard Domestic Bumblebees live (or maybe just noticed them somewhere in the show lists) will recognise this name.

And sure, instrumental seems like almost a must for many CDs. Here is one with funny name The Screaming Lobster coming. Nice fantasy, good arrangements. And again, sorry for repeating myself - pure energy is streaming out, so watch out!

Making fast conclusion, I wanna say that for me it was very good discovery that this kind of band exists nowadays. I saw many of them, but can name just few I really like. And from rock'n'roll'ers, this one is certainly one of the best I have ever seen and heard. Ooops, I didn't mention band members!.. Shame on me, but I have an excuse - they are so good together that you are taking them like union and not like separated musicians. Though they are must be mentioned. Here they are: singing and screaming leader of the band - Daniel Kordelius on guitar, double bass 'slapper' Tobias Einestad and 'rhythm keeper' drummer Johan Svensson. All of them, by the way, are writing their own songs (on this CD there are 7 of 13 own compositions)!

Well, I think I have to stop now, because it is time for you to turn on this CD and feel it yourself.

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29 July 2008
Comment by rik1953

I saw the Bumblebees together with Harmonica Sam and Boppin' Steve a few times this year. (Rock around Turnhout Belgium, Screamin' Festival Pineda Spain, The Rambler Eindhoven Holland) and they are just great.
Especially on the Screamin' Festival where they were (Domestic Bumblebees)
(Boppin' Steve) the stars of the festival.
They also played together in Danny & the Cappers (some of them)
The crowd went crazy and calling out for more.
Go see them !!

29 July 2008
Comment by bopperer

Saw them some time ago on Cruisin' Inn D-Day in Amsterdam-were they fantastic-YOU BETCHA!!!! Young and so talented musicians-wish there would be more r-billy bands like this one!!! Guess they are worth all the travelling to any spot of Europe just to see their show-I will try my best anyhow:)

Domestic Bumblebees, The Band Information

Domestic Bumblebees, The

Submitted by kitti (18 March 2008)
The Domestic Bumblebees is a 50’s Blues /Rock’n’Roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, that is well known for their explosive shows and their great skills on their instruments. The band was formed at a small club called “Jumpin’ The Cellar” in November 2004 by three members from the fine Rhythm & Blues band: Danny & The Cappers. It supposed to be one gig only but the audience went crazy and the guys had so much fun that they decided to keep on Buzzin’ ... Nowadays they are the houseband at Stockholm’s biggest Rock’n’ Roll club called “The Rocketroom” at Debaser. They have played with...

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Song: My Girl Can't Quit Pickin'


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