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CD/DVD Reviews » Upsouth Twisters - Upsouth Twisters

Track List:

Smithville Blues
Where's My Money
It's A Poor Rat (what Only Got One Hole)
Do You Ever Think Of Me?
Voodoo Mambo
If The Phone Don't Ring
Holiday Depression
Rattlesnake Fever
It's A Cryin' Shame
Jolie Fi
I Wonder Why
Valentine's Day
Upsouth Twisters
Upsouth Twisters
Upsouth (2008)
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Possible Styles: americana, cajun, country, rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 24 June 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

This is the first album released by the band under the new name The Upsouth Twisters. To their fans, they are better known under their previous name of 'Lucky 7'. The band comprise of 5 musicians who enhance every songs on the album with their masterful playing.

Out of 13 songs on the CD, all but two are written by Billy Roues or his brother Steven 'Muddy' Roues. The other two songs are 'Do You Ever Think Of Me' first recorded by Laura Cantrell and 'Valentines Day' of Bruce Springsteen. This band is not your typical rockabilly / country band - The UpSouth Twisters have incorporated numerous musical styles from all corners of America. The Cajun and Zydeco styles have a distinct parts in the music of the band and it other styles like rockabilly, blues, country etc entwine with it gracefully.

This album shows musical maturity and has an outstanding quality to it. It will be loved by those who enjoy cajun, zydeco, and generally fans of musical styles encompassed by the Americana tag.

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