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CD/DVD Reviews » Western Aces, The - Introducing The Western Aces

Track List:

Ice Cold Water / Same Old Cell / Drinkin' Man's Boogie / Seeing Double / Tell Me Why (we Can't Be In Love) / Leave That Junk Alone / Hep Cat Baby / Four Walls And A Table / Oh Boy / Mean Mean Mama / Old '32 / I Was There When It Happened.
Western Aces, The
Introducing The Western Aces
El Toro (2008)
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Possible Styles: hillbilly bop, western swing, rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 24 June 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

Very new band on the rockin' scene with one of the finest sounds around. All the tracks are enriched with splendid steel guitar breaks, with skillful lead guitar and an excellent rhythm section. All four members of 'The Western Aces' played in distinguished rockin' bands before. Brothers Gordon and Dave Doel were performing wild 1950s rockabilly in The Young Savages a few years back, whilst Phil Morgan was in The Tennessee Rhythm Riders and Mark James in The Ricardos. These cats play early 50s rockin' bop music to perfection. This 12 track album consists of six originals and six 'non standard' cover songs taking you on an extensive journey through their 1950s musical influences like western swing, hillbilly bop and rockabilly.

The album starts off the classic hillbilly bop tune recorded first by Glenn Barber 'Ice Cold Water'. This number has strong presence of steel guitar and restless bursts from the drummer. Following this are two original Western Aces songs 'Same Old Cell' sung by Gordon and 'Drinkin' Man's Boogie' sung by Phil. Throughout the album Phil, Dave and Phil swap the role of lead vocalist. This, combined with the style variations of each on songs creates an interesting buzz about each individual track. As we know, each singer brings to the songs something different, and this is very vivid throughout this album.

The guys give us a stand out version of Eddie Arnold's 'Hep Cat Baby', a song first released in 1954. Again, the steel playing of Phil Morgan and lead guitar of Gordon Doel create beautiful musical harmony - a perfect tune for the dance floor!

The album has a couple of slower songs - 'Four Walls & A Table' and 'I Was There When It Happened' which show the diversity of the band. Next 'Oh Boy' and 'Mean Mean Mama' are both uptempo rockin' racks with a Western Swing influence heavily enriched by the steel guitar which is pretty much throughout the album. You might recognise 'Mean Mean Mama' from Gordon's previous band The Young Savages, from their Raucous Records album of 2002.

This is an outstanding album with bags of hillbilly bop goodness. Recommended! Check these guys on MySpace for a little taste of the album!

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