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CD/DVD Reviews » Randy Rich And The Poor Boys - Bye Bye Mr. Blues

Track List:

I Wanna Be Loved / No More Rain / Mr. All Night Rock / Cincinnatti Flow Rag / Rock'n'roll Daddy 'o / Bye, Bye, Mr. Blues / Finders Keepers / You Can / Your Picture Tells Me / Rockin' The Town / Girls On The Planet Venus / Tonight Little Darling / Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Drivin' Home Boogie
Randy Rich And The Poor Boys
Bye Bye Mr. Blues
Rhythm Bomb Records (2006)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly hillbilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 04 June 2008
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

After three years of touring and playing, Randy Rich and his Poor Boys got inspiration and released (on Rhythm Bomb Records) this wonderful CD. I liked it immediately as soon as CD player gave out the first tune. What a joy! Difficult to believe that this band exists now, right away you have got feeling of the ol’ 50s. Nice authentic sound filled my car, and even the traffic jam was not so annoying any more. Also a good point about this recording is that almost all songs were (but not any more) completely new to me ‘cause the author of most of them is Mr. Rich himself… Catchy lyrics suit the style, clear and charming voice is supported by talented musicians. The band leads you with their music through experiences and recoveries from different kind of love “diseases”. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but all the time it keeps you mood refreshing and optimistic.
The first song "I Wanna Be Loved" became my favourite from the first “sign”… Rockin’ and boppin’ it makes your hips move and fingers tap the steering wheel. Full of energy but at the same time very relaxing and easy. Just love it! Next one "No More Rain" (as well as another composition a bit further - "Your Picture Tells Me") slows your blood down and somehow reminds me the style of High Noon – the same great quality of playing, touching soul harmony singing and trembling voice, which tells us beautiful love stories. Since the next track - "Mr. All Night Rock" - started, I notice that people around also began enjoy the music and smiles appeared on their tired faces. Well, it was just a nice start… You always have got an idea: this composition is so good! But wait, as soon as it is over, seems like something even better is starting... Four covers (two of them are songs of Johnny Burnette - “Finders Keepers” and “Rockin’ The Town” – my complements to such a great choice!) are so good disguised that if you have never heard them in their original form you wouldn’t see even a minor difference in style.
Another not-Randy Rich’s song is unbelievable beautiful instrumental “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the film "The Wizard of Oz", which gives some shivers and a kind of flying magical feeling… and what nice finger picking!
The final song "Driving’ Home Boogie" began to play and casually it was just the moment when cars started to move on the highway. What a terrible traffic jam it was and how enjoyable I spent my time in it!

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Randy Rich And The Poor Boys Band Information

Randy Rich And The Poor Boys

Submitted by kitti (25 July 2007)
Founder member and guitar player Randy lived and played in England and the USA before he reunited his German band Randy Rich & The Poor Boys. The trio originally formed in 1997, and he brought his line-up back together again in September 2003. The line-up is now better than ever! All of the three members are able to play at least two instruments - and so even as a trio they can create different styles from 50s Country to Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll. The boys play well-known songs, obscure late 50s songs, instrumentals and original material. It's also important to mention their polished...

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Song: Mr. All Night Rock


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