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CD/DVD Reviews » Chris Sprague - Diesel Made For Two

Track List:

Diesel Made For Two / This Old Truck / Runaway Truck / Roll On Big Mama / Lets Get Drunk And Truck / East Bound And Down / Pray For Your Daddy / Highway Bound / Thats A Big 10-4 / Big Mack / Diesel On My Tail / Worn Out Wagon / Whats Your 20? / Trucker Brown / The Cutest Truck Driver / Speeding Truck / Overloaded Diesel / Sugarballs Blues.
Chris Sprague
Diesel Made For Two
Sonic (2008)
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Possible Styles: hillbilly, americana
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 13 April 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

Twangin' 'n' Truckin' Country Music sounds from multi-instumentalist Chris Sprague, well known on the Roots & Rockabilly scene as a member of The Sprague Brothers and Deke Dickerson's Ecco-Fonics. This solo-album has a truck-driving theme mixing his excellent original songs with rockin' truckin' covers like "Roll On Big Mama" and "Eastbound And Down". Featuring a host of great musicians including Deke Dickerson, Carl "Sonny" Leyland and Crazy Joe Tritschler.

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