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CD/DVD Reviews » Pete Anderson - Brass-a-billy

Track List:

1. R-o-c-k
2. Rockabilly Rock
3. One Sweet Letter
4. Flyin' Saucers Rock And Roll
5. A Big Hunk O'love
6. Brassabilly Boogie
7. This Is The Night
8. Little Sister
9. Hillbilly Blues
10. Am I Blue
11. Drivin' Wheel
12. Red Corvette
13. Put Your Cat Clothes On
14. Let It Rock

Bonus Tracks
15. Calling All Comets
16. Jump, Jive An' Wail
17. Jump, Jive An' Wail - Video Clip
Pete Anderson
Razzle Dazzle Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: brassabilly
Submitted by: bopperer.
Publication date - 01 April 2008

To merge rockabilly and swing was Pete's idea which he managed to fulfill with his band "Archives" already in the 80's. This time it has blended with the artist’s brand-new ideas!

And now at last - new style, new CD – „BRASS-A-BILLY” is out! This CD can be easily called as rockabilly of 21st century!
Driving energy of the brass section, unstoppable power of slap double bass and guitar, solo statements of pedal steel guitar, fiddle, blues harp and cajun accordeon combined with quite unusual band’s line-up makes this CD a real gem, creating quite a unique mood!
Add adequate vocals, corresponding to the style and here we go!

“This CD is my humble vision of how to melt together different, most fascinating nitty gritty forms of early traditional American Roots music, like Blues, Hillbilly, Rock’n’roll, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Big Band Jazz…some Cajun, Zydeco and 50’s Pop with contemporary attitude and my deep lifelong obsession towards all these musical roots – into one new and exciting musical form.”

"Pete Anderson & The Archives" band, that has toured all over Europe, could be named as one of the inventors of such kind of swing and rockabilly combination. They were definitely among the predecessors of swing revival era, adding a new touch to those genres of music and inspiring many followers.
The CD includes also a multimedia part - video of Pete's version of Louis Prima's well-known song "Jump, Jive An' Wail". For many subtle listeners and viewers it gives a chance to compare it with some famous Orchestra video clip that was shown much later on MTV and draw their own conclusions.
This Pete's video, created already in 1991, had been included in the movie "Rock'n'Roll in Baltics" that was shown at many film festivals throughout the world, USA included.

As bonus tracks there are also two tunes by "The Archives", so that the listeners could get the right feel of the "way it all started".

Still the main intention of this CD is to bring you an outstanding, mind-blowing rockin' mood! You won't be able to resist!

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Pete Anderson
Song: Rockabilly Rock
Pete Anderson
Song: Red Corvette


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