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CD/DVD Reviews » The Tremors - Invasion Of The Saucermen

Track List:

World War Iii Boogie / Invasion Of The Saucermen / Somatose / Idle Hands / Atomic Jesus / Jungle Fever / (i Ain't No) Two Timin' Man / Devil's Eyes / Workin' Overtime / Treat Me Right / The State Patrol / Shakin' From Seizures / Late Night Drive-in Monster Show / The Crawdad Song
The Tremors
Invasion Of The Saucermen
The Tremors/ Brain Drain Records (2006)
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Possible Styles: neo rockabilly, rock'nroll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 09 March 2008
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Well, I have got the Tremors CD here. “Invasion of the Saucermen” was produced by the Tremors / Brain Drain Records. I wanna say that the guys made a proper and professional promotion! Very nicely packed and has all necessary material in it. But a cover with the monsters though already gave me the feeling that it is not exactly music I like. But still I would like to share my opinion about the band and their new CD. Not sure if you can find some rockabilly stuff or music coming from 50s… personally I would describe it like neo stuff with crazy and constant beat which makes you head go round.
The album starts with instrumental “World War III Boogie”, the song does not change since the beginning till its end… so even when it finished you have the feeling you still hear the “melody” in your brain. Or is it invasion started? The next one “Invasion of the “Saucermen” repeats the first one, but now with vocal of Jimmy Tremor, which explains the main theme of this recording. With “Idle Hands” the tempo slows down and you surprisingly notice that guys can play something different… not only changes in tempo, but also in their playing!
Recording is very good and 11 out of 14 songs are composed by the band. Most of them with creepy lyrics (or even if the words are not that scary, you still have that feeling of nervousness) and the constant recognizable Tremors’ rhythm. Three others are covers of Kenny Parchman “Treat Me Right”, Charlie Feathers “Jungle Fever” and Jack Earls’ “The Crawdad Song” are also performed in Tremor very special jungle style. The members of the trio Jimmy Tremor (guitar), Slim Perkins (upright bass) and Strech Armstrong (drums) are doing their job properly and you won’t find anything wrong in it. Simple and neat. Unfortunately I haven’t heard the bands’ other albums, but if this one is better than previous ones, I can assure you, they have all chances to become one of the best in their style.
I think guys released their idea perfectly and also the shaking (and clear) vocal of Jimmy shows how the bad situation is for you and there is no way to be safe again… once you have been attacked by this trio and their wild music. So you’d better watch out!

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The Tremors Band Information

The Tremors

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 February 2008)
Listen, if you dare, to a story so bizarre that it has been known to make women faint and grown men shriek in terror. Out of a time-rotted tomb crawls an unspeakable horror, the Tremors, the Scourge of the South. The dark and twisted tale of the Tremors begins in 1957, when AWOL marine and cough syrup addict, Stretch Armstrong(drums), met escaped mental patient, Jimmy Tremor(guitar, vocals) and former alligator wrestler, Slim Perkins(bass), at "The Happy Gizzard" a tar-paper shack that served as the local honky-tonk for the citizens of Sibly, NC. The trio was often seen blasting out the new Sun records of Elvis Presley,...


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