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CD/DVD Reviews » Various Artists - Cat'n Around Volume 4

Track List:

Mouse Zinn & The Phantoms : Don't Tell Me
Kick 'em Jenny : Stressed
The Death Dealers : Kanpai Osaka
Smokestack Lightnin' : Funnel Of Love
Detox When Dead : Planning On Murder
Mouse Zinn & The Phantoms : Do What I Want
Warren Scott : The Itch
Sains & Sinners : Personal Jesus
Rockin' 8 Balls : Freight Train Boogie
Detox When Dead : Fuckin' Hell
Mouse Zinn & The Phantoms : Do You Like It
Blue Voodoo : Blue Voodoo
Kick 'em Jenny : Raw Deal
The Rough Diamonds : Machine Gun
Warren Scott : You Drive Me Crazy
The Blue Flames : Time
Mouse Zinn & The Phantoms : Time To Say Goodbye
Detox When Dead : Word Up
Velvetone : Funnel Of Love
The Death Dealers : King-fu Rock
Various Artists
Cat'n Around Volume 4
Pink 'n' Black (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, surf, neo rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 15 December 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

The fourth volume of the finest collections of modern rockabilly music is out now. As always, "Cat'n Around" gathers together the hottest acts from all over the worlds and these 21 tracks are the proof.
The compilation starts with Mouse Zinn's 'Don't Tell Me', which ticks all the boxes to be a perfect rockabilly song, but I think it lacks a little all-important energy. So the beginning of the compilation could maybe have been a little stronger, but from the on it exeedes all expectations.

Kick 'Em Jenny, who has just released her first CD, gets the second spot on the CD. The unusual raucous vocals and outregous energy of this rockabilly girl will blow your mind. You will be dancing, not foot tapping.
The Death Dealers, a surf band from Japan, follows Jenny's track. Top class surf rocker with a magnificent sound, followed by Smokestack Lightnin' with their surfy version of the Wanda Jackson classic 'Funnel Of Love'. I really like the melody and how this brilliant band plays it, but I am not that keen on the vocal.
The compilation features a couple of songs from Detox When Dead featuring Sascha (Boss Hoss, ex Hot Boogie Chillun). There is very little connection to rockabilly, and if you don't like hard rock music you can skip tracks 5, 11 and 19 safely.
'Do what I want, When I want' by Mouse Zinn and The Phantoms is the next
selection - a scintillating track, perfect in all aspects.
Warren Scott's 'The Itch' is a good song, but could have been recorded better. Their second track shows of his talent much better.
Carlos and The Bandidos bring and Elvis feel to the album, very good if
not memorable.
Then you have another opportunity to hear the excellent version of 'Personal Jesus' by Saints and Sinners. It is always pleasure to hear this interpretation.
The Rockin' 8-Balls is another band who have just released a new CD (their second album). Their great version of the classic 'Freight Train Boogie' is a from their previous long-player. Energetic stuff!
Later we get to hear more great songs from Mouse Zinn, Kick 'Em Jenny,
Warren Scott, The Death Dealers. I would also like to mention that 'Cat'n Around #4' features another great modern day rockin' classic - "Time" by The Blue Flames is always a dance floor filler!

This compilation is the most diverse in the series so far. It is so perfectly compiled that all the style blend into each other with amazing accuracy. 5 stars from me, pleasure to listen to.

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