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CD/DVD Reviews » Various Artists - Paid In Black - Tribute To Johnny Cash

Track List:

1. Blitzkid - I Walk The Line
2.the Boo Berrys - Sam Hall
3.electric Frankenstein - Cocaine Blues
4.the Spookshow - The Kneeling Drunkards Plea
5.the Aggro-nuts - Big River
6.mister Monster - Give My Love To Rose
7.the Ghoul - Cry, Cry, Cry!
8.lonesome Spurs - Folsom Prison Blues
9.nuke And The Living Dead - One Piece At A Time
10.the Massacres - The Wreck Of The Old '97
11.colonel Sanders Grave - Dark As A Dungeon
12.psycho Charger - Wanted Man
13.the Bang Tale - Sunday Morning Coming Down
Various Artists
Paid In Black - Tribute To Johnny Cash
Wolverine Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: horrorpunk, rockabilly, psychobilly
Submitted by: greaser69.
Publication date - 06 November 2007

For a lot of young people Country Music is or was some kind of shit for Rednecks or old farts. If someone has changed this then it is Johnny Cash. In the last years before his death he had done something like no other Artist before: To bring young people to listen to Country Music. Especially a lot of people who are listening to Punk-Rock, have add a new style into their taste of Music. Maybe because Johnny cash was something like the first „True-Hearted Punk“. A Rebel, someone who stands up if he don’t like something and someone who has a strong voice and always said what he was thinking.

Cashs Songs are about Outsiders, Loser, the Poor. He told us the real Horrorstories that can happen, if you’re not born on the sunny side.

No wonder that a lot of Punkbands are inspired by him and start covering some of his songs.

Now this Compilation has some great Horrorpunk and Rocka/Psychobilly Acts who are covering Songs written or be famous by the Man in Black. All of them are very good Versions with their own unique sound and style and they all have the Soul and the Spirit of Johnny Cash. Versions who definetly would help to get young people to get in touch with the Universe of Cash and at the time will show old Fans a new Side of these old classics. And that is what a Tribute-Album should do.

At this Tribute real fans have worked with the Songs and not some kind of people who just thought that it would cool nowadays to do a Cash-Coverversion.

Just read the great Linernotes of each Bands in the Booklet and you know what I mean.

This CD is essential for Fans and people who like to become one. Oh, and by the way: All of the Songs are exclusive on this Compilation!

No question: The good guys are the ones that wear black.

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