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CD/DVD Reviews » Francine - King For A Day

Track List:

1.king For A Day Get Me Wrong 3.sunday 4.comin' Around 5.steppin' Stone 6.talking Heads 8.freakshow 9.strychnine 10.fool For Your Love 11.keep Your Head Up 12.boring 13.flames Of Hell
King For A Day
Wolverine Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, psychobilly
Submitted by: greaser69.
Publication date - 06 November 2007

Francine is a Finnish rock'n'roll band, althought the word "rock'n'roll" may not give right picture of the band. Some would say rockabilly or something else, but the fact that this band is using a bull fiddle instead of the commonly used electric bass gives this band a special nature - the look, the feel and the sound (And the bigger the instrument, the harder the rumble on the stage). Another characteristic of Francine is wild performances on the stage - if the drums ain't broken or at least rolling at the end of the gig - it ain't Francine. Francine was formed in 1987 and it has over the recent years "stabilized" its composition to a three men group.
During these 20 years Francine's music has got many nicknames, such as the rockabilly of 90s, punkbilly, hardbilly, powerbilly... the list is endless. Guys themselves prefer to call their music simply rock'n'roll, which combines styles like rockabilly, rhythm'n blues, punk, pop, jazz... In other words pure Francine.
The Band had several Chart entries in Finland (oh yes, the people there have taste), even a Top 5 Hit in 2001, their Longplayers (incl. this here) are always in the Top 30 Album Charts, uncountable gigs in whole Europe, Gigs with Rockabilly Legend Brian Setzer, appearances in several TV-Shows and lot of airplay with their Videoclips (check also there actual Clip for „King for a day“). In Scandinavia Rock’n’Roll is still King!
Hopefully they have this success in the rest of the world too!
The Band is the perfect mixture between STRAY CATS and THE JAM. With that style and a fantastic production like this they are a must have for Fans of Bands like LIVING END or PEACOCKS.

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