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CD/DVD Reviews » Trash Hombres - Trash Hombres

Track List:

Cruel Red - Hey Good Looking - It's My Soul - I'm Coming Home - Love Whip - Up Jump The Devil.
Trash Hombres
Trash Hombres
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 05 November 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

This is the firt demo release by Rockabilly 4-piece band The Trash Hombres from Arnhem, The Netherlands. The band plays, from their own words, a style of music called Spankabilly. The 6 track maxi EP tells me the guys play good bluesy rockabilly.
The albums starts with Jack Smith's 'Cruel Red' adding their own touch with great guitar licks and I just love vocals of Marc Kamphuis - a bit raw, hoarse and very pleasing to the ear. One of my favourite songs is 'It's My Soul' - bluesy with fantastic harmonica breaks.
Johnny Horton's 'I'm Coming Home' is the fourth track on the album. The songs has been covered by so many artists that it's difficult for any band to add something new. Trash Hombers mix powerful guitar riffs and drum beats so the song becomes new again. 100% dancefloor filler.
'Love Whip' is another bluesy number, which the guys play brilliantly. 'Up Jump The Devil' finishes the album - hard rockin', commanding guitar, slapping double bass, sharp beat of drums and that superb voice. Great version, guys.
Congratulation on amazing album, I loved all the tracks. I will listen to this over and over.

Recomended to the fans of Rev Horton Heat, Brian Setzer, 1940s/50s rockin' blues.

You can hear Cruel Red song from this album right now in our DOWNLOADS section!

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Trash Hombres Band Information

Trash Hombres

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
Trash Hombres: it’s in the name itself: trash played by real men. The sordid rockabilly and the rancid rhythm and blues as played by the four “hombres”, who fanatically and full of devotion press upon the public, have only one purpose: to make a great evening for band and audience. Rasyif Kremer on drums and Mark Verschoor on double-bass build a tight rhythm-section, a good and solid base for Wil Sipkema’s big guitar-sound. Marc Kamphuis is the singer, who is very convincing interpreting the lyrics of Hank Williams, Johnny Otis and Kim Wilson. Trash Hombres plays energetic and infectious spankabilly which gives you a fine chance...


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