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CD/DVD Reviews » High Noon - What Are You Waiting For?

Track List:

Let's Go Daddy-o / Hanging (from The Old Oak Tree) / Old Habits / Prelude To The Blues / Bayou Beauty / Not For Nothin' / Railroad Crossing / Beautiful / Yard Dog / I've Never Felt As Lucky / Kiss And Tell Baby / Comanche Moon / Gotta Lotta That / Misunderstood / It's The Beat
High Noon
What Are You Waiting For?
Goofin' Records (2002)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 01 October 2007
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

This cd was released five years ago, but I would like to review it because it worth of it. Besides, it has been all time my favourite cd. In 1996 the band stopped playing; Shaun Young, Sean Mencher and Kevin Smith started their own projects. But some years later to big surprise and pleasure of many High Noon fans they came back and their return was bright. In 2000 they appeared in Viva LasVegas as headliner and two years later they came to Green Bay’s Rockin' 50s Festiva and brought along their brand new album “What Are You Waiting For?”.

The sound was still the same and it was as great as others. You would never believe that they didn’t play together for almost five years! It looked like they made a stop and then moved on from the same point. But what can you wait from such professional and fabulous musicians? Shaun Young is talented rhythm guitar player with exceptional voice. Sean Mencher considers being one of the best guitar players with strong influence of Merle Travis fingerpicking. Kevin Smith doesn’t even need any introduction. He has been the teacher for manys bass players and his unic technique you will recognize from hundreds.

The cd consists of 15 songs; all of them are originals, composed by Shaun Young and Sean Mencher. If you listen closer you will see that they are not only amazing musiacians, but also brilliant songwriters! All of them make the equal contribution to their music but at the same time they sound like the unit. The blend of three musical instruments is ideal!

The first song Let’s Go Daddy-O is in uptompo and from the first tune it will attract you attention even if you only walking by. Through the album you will enjoy the powerfull and energetic bass playing of Kevin Smith especially in Hanging (from the Old Oak Tree) or It’s a Beat, incredible guitar work of Sean Mencher (check out Comanche Moon or Railroad Crossing), and you won’t miss rhythm guitar playing, which unites the whole band, and pleasant vocals of Shaun Young. The song such as Kiss and Tell Me Baby makes you to tap your toes and Prelude to the Blues gives your shivers.

I mentioned only some songs, but they all worth listening and I am sure you will enjoy each of them! You also will feel the magic of this album, it makes wanting you more and doesn’t matter how many times you have heard it already. And I think the reason is not only about High Noon playing the real rockabilly, but they also have music inside them!

I think everyone, who likes rockabilly music, should have this cd in his collection. So what are you waiting for?

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13 November 2012
Comment by kitti

Thank you for your honest opinon! But tastes CAN BE different. And if one likes crazy psycho and another likes calssic music, it must be ok, right? :)

I love High Noon and I liked the album, It is really different form the others, but still it is my opinion and I am glad, that you left yours!

By the way, not all reviews are positive! ;) We did have unhappy reaction from the musicians who sent it. But I said the same: It is just my personal opinion, nothing else!

08 November 2012
Comment by ray57

i love high noon but this baby's got some real clunkers. i know the reviewers on this sight are just like all the others- they can't say anything negative EVER. if you can't be honest and seperate the crap from the great then how can we ever know what's really good? stranger things and show and dance are fucking brilliant. this cd is NOT. the song "gotta lotta that" is painful and embarrassing. railroad crossing and lets go daddy o are pretty good. the rest is utterly forgettable. sorry for the honesty.

High Noon Band Information

High Noon

Submitted by kitti (27 July 2007)
High Noon formed in Austin, Texas in 1988 through a mutual love of Rockabilly music. They then proceeded to be named Austin's Best Rockabilly Band seven years in a row. During that time they released a multitude of 45s, 78s, CDs and even a 10" disc. They played not only throughout the United States, but in Russia, Scandinavia, Japan, Central Europe and The Canary Islands. They even played at Carnegie Hall with Ronnie Dawson and performed on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show in 1994. In 1996, they decided to take a break and do other things. Since...

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Song: It's The Beat
Song: Let's Go Daddy-o


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