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CD/DVD Reviews » Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - Wolfgang's Big Night Out

Track List:

Take The 5th / One More Night With You / Wolfgang's Big Night Out / Honey Man / Yes We Can Can / Swingin' Willie / Sabre Dance / For Lisa / Here Comes The Broad / 1812 Overdrive / Some River In Europe / Take A Break Guys.
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The
Wolfgang's Big Night Out
Surf Dog (2007)
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Possible Styles: swing, jazz, rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 30 September 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

A long awaited Brian Setzer Orchestra album which doesn't have a Christmas theme to it.
Brilliantly arranged, perfectly played by top musicians, and Brian's guitar just adds to the pleasure to listening to this album. The 12 new tracks (well, sort of new) are all Setzer adaptations of the greatest composers of the last centuries such as Beethoven, Tchaikovski, Mozart...
Let me talk a bit more about the sound and instrument arrangements.... The
compositions from the album would be perfect for some high class jazzy venue. The band doesn't show off with loud melodies with overpowering solos. We would expect Brian's guitar to play the main role for the obvious reasons, but no, not on this album. There are a several superb solos from the Gretsch master himself, but the music is so well balanced. Around half of the track are instrumental and the other half have vocals either from Brian or band's backing singers. I am not overly keen on the contributions by the girls from backvocal section. They add a modern sounds and a funky beat which doesn't work for me personally.
But all-in-all this is High Style, High Class, Old School Jazz and Swing with a classical twist. Just released...go and grab your copy!

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