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CD/DVD Reviews » Wildkats, The - Rockin, Boppin & Strollin!

Track List:

Lonesome Train / Endless Sleep / Rockin' Daddy / Get Rhythm / Drivin' Wheel / I Fought The Law / Roll Over Beethoven / Washing Machine Boogie / All By Myself / Baby Blue / Gone Gone Gone / Girl Of My Best Friend / Be Bop A Lula / Worring Kind / Tear It Up.
Wildkats, The
Rockin, Boppin & Strollin!
Foot Tapping Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 30 September 2007
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The Wildkats is very popular name among rockíníroll bands, but the music they play is not the same. This four-piece band is from North West of England. I would describe them as a standard band with standard choice of instruments and the list of standard rockíníroll songs. Unfortunately all of 15 compositions are covers. All of them are quite popular (mostly originally recorded in late 50s and early 60s) and on this album you will immediately recognize the hits of pioneers in rockíníroll such as Gene Vincent ("Baby Blue"), Carl Perkins ("Gone Gone Gone"), Elvis Presley ("The Girl Of My Best Friend"), Tommy Sands ("The Worryin' Kind"), Fats Domino ("All By Myself"), Chuck Berry ("Roll Over Beethoven") and many others. In fact, I love all these songs and all of them were my basic introduction to Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly music. So I felt nostalgia listening to this CD. In spite of hearing only the covers, you will notice how neatly they are performed, so you have nothing but joy while the Wildkats are playing. The Vocal is clear and has a kind of stength which can show the peculiarity of every 50s starís voice. It seems that the band has no preferences in rockabilly, but nevertheless they decided to make the start and finish with the help of Johnny Burnette Trio's songs, "Lonesome Train" & "Tear It Up"; the band who made such a great contribution to the music we are so fond of. So all the guys Ė vocalist and rhythm guitar player Bob, upright bass player Ray, lead guitarist Alan and drummer Paul Ė have been doing a valuable job, showing us that searching and covering the unknown singers of 1950s, doesn't give us right to forget all those who made Rock'n'Roll music popular, and who actually made its foundations.

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Wildkats, The Band Information

Wildkats, The

Submitted by kitti (06 September 2007)
The band started in 1999, when Alan and his band (which was called Breathless) split up. It had also a bass player Dave who used to stand in for Johnny Kid & the pirates in the 60's, a drummer Steve who was a college lecturer but was more of a 70's style drummer and Bob - singer and rhythm guitar player. The guys rocked around Liverpool a lot in the early days and started to get a good name but as all good things come to the end the lead singer and the drummer did not see eye to eye and the band decided to call...


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