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CD/DVD Reviews » Carl And The Rhythm All Stars - Music To Live!

Track List:

Don't Stay Alone / Cry Me A River / Music To Live ! / I'm Gone / Lovely Girl / Don't Cry Little Guitar / For You / Saturday Night / Come Back Baby / Sometimes / Travellin' Blues / Nobody's Guy / My Mountain / Just One More Time
Carl And The Rhythm All Stars
Music To Live!
Sfax Records (2006)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, honky tonk, rhythm & blues
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 01 September 2007
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

I want to invite you on a journey down the traditional rockabilly "river" with the debut CD of Carl and the Rhythm All Stars. Just insert this CD and close your eyes - from the first tune you will feel the stream bringing you to the roots of rock'n'roll. The double bass (Renaud Cans) and drums (Pedro Pena) perfectly give to this flow its speed, rhythm guitar gives its sparkle and licks of lead guitar (Bruno Longo) will sprinkle you with joy and fun. Sometimes those splashes are lyrical and murmuring, but sometimes bright and exciting. Just listen to Don't Cry Little Guitar or Traveling Blues. Ten out of fifteen songs are composed by lead vocal and rhythm guitar player Carl Silva and are strongly influenced by such great 50s stars as Charlie Feathers (check out I'm Gone or My Mountain) and Johnny Burnette (Don't Stay Along or Music to Live). The four covers are also very well chosen, not the most popular, but fit the style of Rhythm All Stars perfectly and show the band as well as Carl's vocal from different views. The cover of Burnette's "Just One More Time" is very well performed. I think you can never go wrong covering Burnette! For You of the Rock'n'Rollers (composed by Keith McCormack and his mother, Jessie Glen Thames) is the wonderful beat-ballad, which recalls Buddy Holly's early recordings. The others two are (Go On And) Cry Me a River of Jim Nesbitt and Nobody's Guy of the Recalls having a great touch of fabulous performing of All Rhythm Stars. All compositions are in fast tempo, but exactly like the river sometimes it slows down and then speeds up again. So what else can I add to it? The one thing I know for sure, this music is to live for! This is rockabilly!

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Carl And The Rhythm All Stars Band Information

Carl And The Rhythm All Stars

Submitted by kitti (26 July 2007)
Carl & The Rhythm All-Stars are a Rockabilly group with members from both France and Portugal started up in 2002 when Carl and Pedro, longtime friends and fellow musicians, met up in Paris to create a band with a sound centred on primitive rockabilly with strong Honky Tonk, Rhythm'n'Blues and Western Swing influences. They have played in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and in the main Rockin' festivals in France. They are absolutely one of the best rockin' bands in France!...

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Song: Music To Live!
Song: Travellin' Blues


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