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CD/DVD Reviews » J.p. Mcdermott And Western Bop - Last Fool Here

Track List:

1. My Damn Baby
2. Do I Love You?
3. Cry Cry Cry
4. Could Shoulda Woulda
5. Not Enough Of You
6. Blue Days, Black Nights
7. Lucky Stars
8. Sixteen Chicks
9. Go Cat Go!
10. Heartaches For A Dime
11. That Ain't Nothing But Right
12. Last Fool Here
J.p. Mcdermott And Western Bop
Last Fool Here
Shower-tone (2005)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, honky-tonk
Submitted by: gatorrock.
Publication date - 05 September 2007
Copyrights: Al Schrack

A fantastic debut album that proves what the Washington D.C.-area honky-tonk crowd already knows -- J.P. is for real. McDermott can really sing and the band really rocks. It's easy to tell a lot of hard work and love for the music went into this. J.P.'s acoustic guitar drives the train and Bob Newscaster's lead guitar turns it up another notch.
The traditional analog recording technique adds authenticity and a live feel.
Let's look at each track .. one by one ...

1. My Damn Baby.
This tune is a great way to start out the CD. My favorite lyric in this original by McDermott is the slyly creative:
"It's 12:45 and it's a quarter to one.. Would you mind telling me what the hell's going on?"
The radio hook is the awesome stutter fast-talking chorus at the end. Bob Newscaster really rips it up on lead guitar.
Bryan Smith slaps it up on upright Bass, and Jeff Lodsun heats it up on Drums.

2. Do I Love You?
(A.K.A "Does a Cat have a Tail") a great cover of the Warren Smith tune.

3. Cry Cry Cry
A true-to-its-roots acoustic treatment of the Johnny Cash classic performed with the Luther Perkins touch.

4. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
J.P wrote some fun lyrics on this one. He complains: "coulda had a decent job but I got stoned!"
I really enjoyed the dirty baritone guitar solo midway through.

5. Not Enough of You
If you're not crying by the end of this one, you're not human. The track is an incredible showcase for McDermott's vocal range. It starts with minimal production and builds to a real crescendo with funky organ back-up.

6. Blue Days, Black Nights
Back in 1956, Decca Records chose this ditty for Buddy Holly's first release. Oh Boy! J.P.'s over-dubbing harmony makes it sound new again. McDermott plays a little lead guitar here too. Les Paul would be impressed at the over-dubbed harmony.

7. Lucky Stars
Bob Newscaster shows he's not just a very fine guitarist. He's a gifted song-writer as well.
His tune brings back memories of Buddy and the Crickets playing at the Roller Rink in Lubbock.
It has a nice comfortable laid-back tempo and country feel.

8. Sixteen Chicks
From the reverb-echo vocal start-up, you can tell you're in for a rock-a-billy riot. Andy Rutherford rips it up on lead guitar on the Joe Clay classic.

9. Go Cat Go!
Another barn-burner. This Newscaster tune is a fitting tribute to the rockabilly pioneer Warren Smith (Rock and Roll Ruby).
At the same time it has some fine licks reminiscent of Carl Perkins. Good music for dancin' and knockin' back a few at the roadhouse. Listen for the vintage background hollers.

10. Heartaches for a Dime
This version of the Harlan Howard honky-tonk lament worthy of several long-distance calls... or at least a buck three eighty.

11. That Ain't Nothin' But Right
One of my real favorites. This little-heard Joey Castle really comes alive with the Western Bop treatment.
Excellent Reverb and Echo production on lead vocal. Can't stop dancing to the catchy clickity rhythm from upright bass of Eric Shramek.

12. Last Fool Here
A great way to end the first killer CD from JP. It sums up the desperation of a "modern-day" honky-tonk man done wrong by either a woman... or the music industry!
Tam Sullivan plays a haunting piano track.

All in all, this CD has it all... great tunes, perfect performances, and professional production.

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07 September 2007
Comment by rockabilly_girl

Brilliant album and thank you for the detailed review!


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