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CD/DVD Reviews » Darrel Higham And The Enforcers - A Monochrome Dream

Track List:

Gonna Get Back Home Somehow / This Is The Night / I'm On Fire / Patch It Up / The Red And White Army / Wastin' My Time / Lonesome Tears In My Eyes / E.p. Express / No Teenagers Allowed / Baby Take Me Back / One Way Track / But She's Not You
Darrel Higham And The Enforcers
A Monochrome Dream
Foot Tappin' (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 27 August 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

This latest (7th) album by Darrel and the Enforcers starts with a great version of Elvis's 'Gonna Get Back Home Somehow'. The backing vocals and uptempo tune just sets the CD to a high standard. And it only gets better, as Darren rocks the strings playing 'I'm On Fire', 'This is the Night' etc. Many songs we have heard before, but the band mixes something new into each track - maybe a guitar solo, or perfect girl harmony vocals. There are two of Darrel's own compositions in among the cover songs.
Well recorded with a some unusual sounds for rockabilly album, and some guitar licks for appropriate for a Ska album - but this experimentation works well and makes this album stand out.

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