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CD/DVD Reviews » R.j. And The Phantoms - What's The Rumor

Track List:

Glad My Baby Gone / This Is The Night / Love Me / Tongue Tied Jill / Bertha Lou / Seven Night To Rock / Last Train / Mary Lou / Shame Shame Shame / Stutterin' Cindy / Long Legged Guitar Pickin’ Man / Hungry Fore Your Loving / One’s All The Law Will Allow / Bathroom Bop / My Baby’s Gone
R.j. And The Phantoms
What's The Rumor
Red Shoot Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly, rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 20 August 2007
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

So what's the rumor? Let me tell you the story... Hans Nelemans (aka Reuben James or RJ) from Red Shots and Russian rockabilly band the Phantoms met for the first time at Valga Cruisin' (Estonia) in July 2004. The guys were impressed with each others performances and after some visits by RJ to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) decided to make their first gigs together. They played in Russia and made a short tour throughout Europe. It was a great success, so the next step in their teamwork was the new cd with that classic rockabilly sound. RJ took his guitar (instead of double bass he has been playing for the last few years) and headed the band.

I have met and heard Reuben James and the Phantoms separetly, but together they made that unique sound that unites the styles of Russians and Dutch – the Phantoms and The Red Shots.

The album itself is a mixture of rock'n'roll (sometimes wild, sometimes soft) and country with peneterating sound of authentic rockabilly which bounds all compositions together to one fantastic story. The rockin' and artistic voice of RJ seems to fit every song. Covers of Charlie Feathers ('Tongue Tied Jill' and 'Stutterin' Cindy') sound energetic and wild! Buddy Holly's 'Love Me' contrary - tender and soft. In the song 'Shame Shame Shame', you can hear the 'angry daddy' voice, calming it down with nice solos of guitar. And what can rumors be without girls? Let me introduce you two beautiful ladies Jannet De Waard (singing duet with RJ and be accompanied by picking guitar man Oleg Hoodkin) in 'The Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man', taking the role of June Carter and Tatjana Kiorou, boogie woogie girl playing the solo on piano in 'Seven Night To Rock' and also modelling for the cd cover.

Okay, it is enough time for stop, we should move further. So let’s take the 'Last Train' (written by RJ) and lose ourselves in choo choo sound and slappin’ bass. Two last songs ('Bathroom Bop' and 'My Baby’s Gone') are written by Phantoms (Hoodkin and Karnazov) and you certainly will hear the difference! It is the boppin' sound, which is so popular between Russian rockabilly musicians. This CD has no slow compositions and will certainly make you want to dance and tap your feet. Talking of dancing: you can stroll, you can bop, swing and jive and all with one CD!

Yes, this CD is all about girls (with such beautiful names as Bertha Lou, Cindy, Mary Lou and many others… just listen to Seven Nights To Rock!) and rock'n'roll. The guys made it professional and it's amazing! And another rumour says it is also quite cheap, so be quick!

RJ and the Phantoms are:
RJ - lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Alexander Karnzaov – vocals, double bass
Oleg Hoodkin – lead guitar, backing vocals
Ilja Pechenkin – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Dimitry Dolinsky - drums

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R.J. And The Phantoms
Song: My Baby's Gone


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