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CD/DVD Reviews » Dimaggio Bros. - When I Hit My Stride

Track List:

Born To Be Alive - When I Hit My Stride - A Date With Fate - Blue Refrain - I Walk The Line - If You Want Me To - Raining In My Heart - Latin Night - A Lotta Swing - I Got Stung - Crazy For You - Uptown - Lonely Tears Will Fall - Mystery Girl - Bruno.
Dimaggio Bros.
When I Hit My Stride
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly, western swing
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 22 July 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

This album is just bursting with sweet sound of American music, hot string picking & revved up guitar playing - I can listen to Marco's playing all day long.
Several styles get packed in this album, including Johnny Cash and Elvis sounds, which all have one thing in common - a melody. Maybe some tracks are not all that memorable, but they are all enjoyable and you can certainly dance along to them. The songs are mostly self-penned, but there are uptempo remakes of 'Born
To Be Alive', 'I Got Stung' and others.
It's pleasure to listen to this album recorded by fantastic musicians
and vocalists.

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