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CD/DVD Reviews » Flatfoot Shakers - Many Sides Of The...

Track List:

My Little Baby - Chicka Boom - Stutterin Sue - Lonesome - No Turning Back - Long Gone - Gold Diggin Mama - Im Getting Rid Of You - The Love Bug - Louisana Mama - Waiting For You - Sentimental Fool - Be Boppin Baby - Hypnotised - Greasy Hair - Little Girl - I Cant Seem To Make It Real - Rocketship To The Moon.
Flatfoot Shakers
Many Sides Of The...
Rhythm Bomb (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 22 July 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

Traditional rockabilly band from Australia, who in their 10 year existence gained a big following over the world and played at pretty much every big rockabilly event in Europe and America. So this album is sort of "best of", tracks taked from their previous albums and compilations, 'Chick Boom' (1999), 'Shakin' Tonight'(2000), 'High Heeled Lovin' Machine' (2003). All these recordings came from top studios like Tail in Sweden and Preston in Melbourne, Australia. As the songs come from different periods, we can witness the musical transition the band was went through. In the first few tracks there is a stripped down rockabilly sound, but later the tracks there are a little more
sophisticated with additional instrumentation such as piano, resulting
in a bigger sound.
The Flatfoot Shakes play rockabilly music of the highest standard, so if
you didn't catch them before, this album is a good opportunity to do so.

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Flatfoot Shakers Band Information

Flatfoot Shakers

Submitted by kitti (29 July 2007)
The Flatfoot Shakers are a 4 piece traditional Rockabilly outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They originally formed around April '97 but soon shuffled the lineup before recording their self titled debut album in September 1999 on Preston records in Melbourne. The album was released on both CD and 10” vinyl format (titled "Chicka Boom"). The Flatfoot Shakers have played and toured extensively across Australia, including festivals in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and the big one "Wintersun" in Queensland. In July/August 2000 the Shakers toured across Europe playing festivals in Sweden, Belguim, Germany, Switzerland and the Cruise Inn in Holland. Other highlights...


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