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CD/DVD Reviews » The Clothes, The Cars And The Music - Dvd

The Clothes, The Cars And The Music
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly, western swing
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 22 July 2007
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

A DVD which celebrates Rockabilly and the retro rockin' culture, filmed by Mic Dixon during the last years 10th Rockabilly Rave and Hotrod/Classic car convention called The Hotrod Hayride in England.
There are many performances from top Rockabilly artists, together with interviews of regular guys and gals who follow the scene, share their opinions and thoughts on lack of understanding from modern society on their love of rockabilly music and vintage fashion. They tell their stories of how they started to dig the music and the circumstances that led to the way they feel, look and live now.
The film is jam-packed with music, with live performances from Big Sandy, The Go-Getters, Ruby Ann, Dave & Deke Combo, Buzz Wayne, Janis Martin with the Ragtime Wranglers, High Noon, Charlie Thompson, Miss Mary Ann and The Mad Men, which were all filmed at Rockabilly Rave 2006.
I like the way the film focuses on the people who love this music, who gather together at concerts and festivals to enjoy themselves to the full. It's all about passion driven people with love of the music.

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05 May 2008
Comment by gatorrock

I bought the DVD from Raucous Records on the internet. I enjoy it a lot. The only problem -- it's in the PAL video format which won't work on 90% of the players over here. The good news is.... it works just fine on the DVD port on your PC. The performances were fabulous ... especially Charlie Thompson and Miss Mary Ann. I could have done without the comic with the ukelele. I guess its that broad British humor... but it's not my cup of tea. Otherwise... highly recommended.

18 September 2007
Comment by kitti

Great DVD!! Good quality and clever made!
I liked that it is about everything: clothes, cars, people, dancing and first of all about the music! Actually the best bands are chosen for that video and you can feel the atmosphere of the festival!!


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