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CD/DVD Reviews » Gene Simmons - Drinkin Wine

Track List:

I Don't Love You Baby, I Done Told You (alt), Drinkin' Wine (alt), Juicy Fruit (alt-2), If I'm Not Wanted (alt-2), Peroxide Blond And Hopped Up Model Ford, Mom And Pop (alt-1), Blues At Midnight, Down On The Border (alt-1), Crazy Woman (alt-1), You Can't Break The Chains Of Love, Shake, Rattle And Roll, Drinkin' Wine (sun 299), Money, Money, Money (alt-1), I Done Told You (sun 299), Juicy Fruit (alt-1), If I'm Not Wanted (alt-1), Guitar Boogie, Mom And Pop (alt-2), Drinkin' Scotch, I Done Told You (false Start), Money, Money, Money (alt-2), Down On The Border (alt-2), Crazy Woman (alt-2), Juicy Fruit (alt-3), The Shape You Left Me In, Bad Boy Willie, Going Back To Memphis, Out Of This World, You Love Me Too, Prowlin', Boo Doo, Gene Simmons Interview With Hank Davis
Gene Simmons
Drinkin Wine
Bear Family (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: raveonreviews.
Publication date - 13 June 2007

For the first time, every song Jumpin' Gene Simmons recorded at Sun is included along with essential alternate takes and some choice sides from his days at HI, Checker and Argo. [Simmons 1964 smash hit "Haunted House" is included on: Complete Gene Simmons on HI - Cream HEXD 53] The intriguing story of Simmons's involvement with Sun Records, The Bill Black Combo and Elvis Presley is told in full detail by Sun historian Hank Davis within the 36-page booklet. The first session at Sun, Simmons recorded a song he penned "Down On The Border", now both versions appear, never released it made an appearance on the 12 LP set Sunbox 106. Also from the same set was "Money Money Money" was never released at the time and stayed in the can. Both get full attention here. It's fascinating to read how Simmons music influenced Brian Setzer enough to take the one minute and thirty five second song "Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford" and have Simmons supply the 'rest' of the lyrics 50 years later. "If I'm Not Wanted" was a song that Simmons wrote with Elvis in mind, it appears here for the first time. In 1955 Simmons recorded the original Lyrics of "Drinkin' Wine" which was "Drinkin Scotch." Released on Sun as Sun 299 "Drinkin' Wine" b/w "I Done Told You." A doubled sided rockabilly gem. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of two extremely rare sides that were released on the Chess subsidiary label Argo "You Love Me Too" and "Out of This World." As a special bonus there is an almost 10 minute interview from July 2006 with Simmons at the end of the CD. This is the last interview recorded before the singers untimely passing on August 28, 2006. Simmons knew of the project, yet never saw the finished product.

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13 June 2007
Comment by rockabilly_girl

Enjoyed the CD and your review. Very thorough, thank you!


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