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CD/DVD Reviews » Garnet Hearts - Life Behind Bars

Track List:

Quite A Situation / Life Behind Bars / Gypsy Eyes / Four Shades Of Red / Lucky Number Seven / I Wanna Make Love / I Wait / Slipper Room Stomp / The Drunkard And The Poet / Red Lipstick / Trouble And Strife / Scotch Whisky / Is A Good Life To Me / Ain't Crazy.
Garnet Hearts
Life Behind Bars
Wild Hare (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 12 June 2007

This first album from The Garnet Hearts presents 14 tracks of pure 1950s style Rockabilly music with a definite Sun Records influence. There are hints of Carl Perkins and Sonny Burgess, but these guys play naturally without trying to be exact copies of the Rockabilly legends.
The production and performance is period perfect, and the songs are all original and of a high standard with personal and often alcohol related themes. You may recognise two of the band members from their previous release as The Boom Boom Cats.
An outstanding band that captures the sound and spirit of mid-50s Rockabilly, delivering with plenty of their own style and originality.

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