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CD/DVD Reviews » Build 4 Speed - Personal Jesus

Track List:

Personal Jesus, Time, Psychotic Waltz, Sun
Build 4 Speed
Personal Jesus
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Possible Styles: psychobilly, neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 08 May 2007

4 track EP where we can get a chance to hear yet another version of "Personal Jesus" which Johnny Cash covered excellently, and has become popular in the Rock 'n' Roll clubs via a version by Saints & Sinners.
This version appears to by trying to 'milk the cow', being releasing as the title track of an EP to get DJ play. The song is played too hard and dark. It should just about suit Stroll dancing, but may be too noisy for the 50s clubs.
The rest of the EP is Psychobilly - OK, but nothing outstanding.
There is a Neo-Rockabilly element, but it sounds too 'gothy' for my taste with fuzzy noisy guitar and dull vocals.
'Personal Jesus' is a popular track right now - but I'll stick with
the Johnny Cash version.

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