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CD/DVD Reviews » The Radium Cats - Other Worlds

Track List:

Martian Hop
Six Foot Down
The Freak
My Girl Is Like Uranium
Idol With The Golden Head
Great Shakin' Fever
Return Of The Mystery Train
Well I Knocked
Strange Baby Strange
Let It Rot
Zuvembi Stroll
Pink Hearse
Surfin' D.o.a.
The Radium Cats
Other Worlds
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Possible Styles: neo - rockabilly psychobilly
Submitted by: rockinbones.
Publication date - 04 May 2007

The Radium Cats bring together a melting pot of influences from Gene Vincent and the Stray Cats to the Cramps and serves it up in style. Whether boppin' or wreckin' you can't go wrong with Six Feet Down and Well I Knocked and if you don't want robbie Williams playing at your funeral then Pink Hearse is for you!

The only gripe I've got is that Haunted By Your Love isn't on there - Time to dig out that Raucous vinyl.......

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