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CD/DVD Reviews » Blue Rockin' - Rockin' Boogie Trash

Track List:

Ain't No Coming Back / She-devil In Blue / Never Felt This Way / Bertha Lou / Hypnotic / Little Jane / Sometimes / Secret Agent Man / Annabelle / Till The Morning Light / Long Legged Red Hot Mama / Evalutation / Gang Bang Boogie Woogie / Whistle Bait.
Blue Rockin'
Rockin' Boogie Trash
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 14 March 2007

It's the second album of this rockin' trio from Germany, with 14 songs in which they try to mix garage sound with rockabilly and blues bop. Singer Joe has a raucous and powerful voice, which compliments the music his band plays.
The album won't change your world, and maybe some of the songs would sound better as part of a rockabilly compilation, rather than as a whole album.
The best song: Hypnotic.

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