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Books Reviews » Michael Dregni - Rockabilly: The Twang Heard ’round The World – The Complete Illustrated History

Michael Dregni
"Rockabilly: The Twang Heard ’round The World – The Complete Illustrated History"
Voyageur Press (2011)
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Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 10 January 2012
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The book was published in May 2011 and is a real treasure!

It is simple and great at the same time. It says "Rockabilly the The Illustrated History" on the cover, but it is not the whole truth about this book. It is not only full of pictures of singles, promo photos and posters, but also consists lots of stories brought right from the past and told by the people who are actually "rockabilly".

The history of rockabilly on this pages is "written" in person by Carl Perkins, Sonny Burgess, Wanda Jackson, Les Paul, Scotty Moore, Rose Maddox, Charlie Feathers, Jimmy Lloyd, Pat Cupp, Dale Hawkins, Johnny Cash, Johnny Powers, Malcom Yevlington, Paul Burlison, and many many others! Everyone is telling about their insight to the music, to life... it is amazing and unbelievable how all that could fit in one book! And the best part: you can open it at any page and start reading it, without having the feeling that you missed something. It is one history, but coming from different stories.

What I love about this book, that is very easy to read. You don't need to know everything about the roots of rock'n'roll to understand what it's all about. People who are just into this music will discover a lot of information (not in boring, but in fun way), and those who are experts won't be disappointed either. There are a lot of interesting facts in this "treasure chest" about guitars, recording sessions, songs, personal life of our heroes, what you probably have never heard.

And just for a final line I want to add: the hard cover and glossy pages also makes the book very special. It is certainly my personal tip for a present for anyone who somehow is attaced to rockabilly music.. But there is something I must warn you about: if you buy it, there is a big chance you won't be willing to give it away, even to your best friend!


Foreword: We Wanna Boogie - by Sonny Burgess
Introduction: Opening Riff - The Birth of Hillbilly Bop
Chapter 1: Sunrise - Elvis Presley at Sun Records, 1954-1955
Chapter 2: Whole Lotta Shakin' - Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis
Chapter 3: Sun's Unsung Rockabilly Heroes - Those Who Would Be King
Chapter 4: Rockabilly Far and Wide - Local Stars, Regional Hits
Chapter 5: Gene and Eddy - Rockabilly Ambassadors
Chapter 6: The Dark Age of the 1960s - Rockabilly Lives on in The Shadows
Chapter 7: Rockabilly, European Style - Twang With a Foreign Accent
Chapter 8: Rave On - The Worldwide Rockabilly Revival
Afterword: Nowheresville
Contributors: Greil Marcus, Peter Guralnick, Luc Sante and Robert Gordon

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