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M. Barling
Submitted by mbarlin (29 May 2015)
These 2 books are a gold mine of classic, rockabilly guitar solos written in tablature and standard notation and include accompanying MP3 audio files. The books cover a wide range of solos but the main protagonists are Cliff Gallup and Grady Martin. The solos include B-I Bickey Bi Bo Bo Go, Who Slapped John?, Lonesome...
Michael Dregni
Submitted by kitti (10 January 2012)
The book was published in May 2011 and is a real treasure! It is simple and great at the same time. It says "Rockabilly the The Illustrated History" on the cover, but it is not the whole truth about this book. It is not only full of pictures of singles, promo photos and posters,...
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