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Here you can find reviews on books.

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M. Barling
Submitted by mbarlin (29 May 2015)
These 2 books are a gold mine of classic, rockabilly guitar solos written in tablature and standard notation and include accompanying MP3 audio files. The books cover a wide range of solos but the main protagonists are Cliff Gallup and Grady Martin. The solos include B-I Bickey Bi Bo Bo Go, Who Slapped John?, Lonesome...
Rick Bragg & Jerry Lee Lewis
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
This is quite simply the best rock n roll biography I have ever read, written entirely in collaboration with Jerry Lee himself as you read the text you can actually picture the young boy growing up, getting into more trouble than you would believe but always aware that he was destined for something more. ...
Jerry Naylor, Steve Halliday
Submitted by kitti (22 January 2012)
In the foreword to his book "The Rockabilly Legends," Jerry Naylor tells us he was 15 when "an untamed force unlike anything I had ever experienced" changed him forever. "It was 1954," he said, "a year destined to go down in music history as magic." The Lake View High School student had already started...
Max Décharané
Submitted by kitti (17 January 2012)
The book is written by the musician and it already is saying a lot. It is the most deepest and the most detailed research of rockabilly music I have ever seen. Max Décharané lives in England and was involved in revival of rock'n'roll music and rockin' scene during 1970s. His stories are not...
Michael Dregni
Submitted by kitti (10 January 2012)
The book was published in May 2011 and is a real treasure! It is simple and great at the same time. It says "Rockabilly the The Illustrated History" on the cover, but it is not the whole truth about this book. It is not only full of pictures of singles, promo photos and posters,...
Johnny Cash
Submitted by kitti (13 April 2011)
The idea to make reviews of books at Rockabilly Bash website was born a long time ago, but never (because of lack of time and, maybe, also laziness) was realized. A couple of days ago I have finished reading a book named Cash and decided that probably it is a good time and proper material...
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