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Rockin Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots
Submitted by rockinev (14 December 2009)
This is an album that I have been looking forward to for two years now. Ever since witnessing Rockin Bonnie’s debut at the Rockabilly Rave in 2007, when they completely took the entire place by surprise with an absolutely superb set, that in my mind still rates as one of the best I have seen anywhere....
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (07 December 2009)
This year the second volume of rhythm’n blues series of El Toro Records was released. It has excellent collection (28 tracks of 28 different performers) of rockin’ compositions from late 40’s and early 50’s from Decca, Atlantic, Columbia, King, RCA Victor, and many other record companies. What is so special about this compilation? It...
Submitted by kitti (01 December 2009)
RJ's album starts with "Move Around", a song I know best by Groovey Joe Poovey, not sure if that was the original though. Great song with not too many re-do's over the years. Fabulous music, especially the guitar, by The Neva River Rockets. Next is a classic from the singing DJ "Big Bopper" (Jape Richardson). Very...
Jerry Naylor
Submitted by rtaylor1956 (29 November 2009)
"TRIBUTE TO THE ROCKABILLY LEGENDS" is an extraordinary Three-Hour national and international television broadcast event, also available on DVD. Unique to this Nayco Entertainment, Inc. production is the fact that the "Rockabilly Legends" actually speak for themselves through rare interview footage filmed by Red Robinson and Jerry Naylor. During recent field production, our production crew also...
Boz Boorer
Submitted by rockinev (11 November 2009)
Boz Boorer, guitarist and musical director for 'Mozza' but before all this he was a founding member of one of the UK's most sucessful neo bands of the early '80's, The Polecats. Luckily for us, between periods working with Mozza he still finds time to appear with the Polecats here and there and record some...
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (25 October 2009)
“Rollin’ The Rock” is the next volume of fine Texas Rockabilly, which follows compilation “Real Cool Cats”, released three years earlier (in 2006). The “lineup of show” includes Ray Campi, Mac Curtis, Alvis Wayne, Sid King and Johnny Carrol. Besides living in Texas and making hits in 1950’s, they have one more thing in common –...
Roy Kay Trio, The
Submitted by kitti (24 October 2009)
Finally I could find time and make review of Roy Kay Trio 4th cd. It is in a digipack and I love the cover (very good design… original, simple and very clear… just like rockabilly songs). First of all I want to say that I like this band a lot and already for a long...
Submitted by kitti (03 October 2009)
Second DVD of the biggest true rockabilly festival in Europe - Rockabilly Rave is out! And it has all chances to become the most popular rock’n’roll documentaries (or maybe already did) among others. I am not exaggerating! Not only me, who had that positive opinion about it; everyone who saw it would agree with me. ...
Submitted by kitti (20 September 2009)
In 2007 Blue Lake Records released 10” vinyl of rock’n’roll band from Switzerland Rewinders, which is called “Meanwhile Back in The Swamp”. It is “two-styled”. The Swamp Side gives you a bluesy lazy feeling with rhythm and blues accent. The River Side rushes you into rock’n’roll. So depending on the mood you can...
Submitted by kitti (13 September 2009)
The Breathless from England? No. Mr. Breathless from Finland? No. Those Breathless are from Greece and have been playing together already for 6 years! So far their songs were appearing only on compilations, but finally the time has come for their very own debut album! It includes 12 tracks with ten originals (written by the vocalist...
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