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Various Artists
Submitted by rockinev (24 March 2010)
As the title states this is the 4th volume of this ongoing series from Western Star, run by Sharks bass players Alan Wilson the studio records some of the best in contemporary Rockabilly and Pyschobilly around and these albums and their Pysco partners provide an excellent sample of their work. This collection brings together highlights...
Starline Rhythm Boys
Submitted by kitti (27 February 2010)
The next band in the line to be judged is rockabilly trio the Starline Rhythm Boys, from Vermont (where you can see them playing live almost every weekend). The record is clear and very professional. Addition of applauses, yelling and cheers makes the cd even more “live”. The strongest point of the band –...
Lucky Marcell And The Ramblin’ Three
Submitted by kitti (21 January 2010)
The band consists of four good looking (and very serious… just check some youtube videos) musicians from Serbia. The music is hot and Lucky Marcell and The Ramblin’ Three is certainly something for those who prefer rockabilly bands from “exotic” countries. To be honest (as usual), I have no idea for how long has the...
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (19 January 2010)
If you are sick and tired of 1950’s compilations, which have pretty the same names on the covers (like Elvis, Johhny Burnette, Jerry Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, etc), this cd is certainly something for you! What I like about this “Collector's Choice” series that it introduces us to old “new” music. This one,...
Gagarin Brothers
Submitted by kitti (19 January 2010)
If you have myspace profile, probably you have recieved friend request from some Gagarin Brothers and even more probably afterwords you got a comment from them, saying “From Russia with Love”. Well, they seem to be a little bit too annoying, but they ARE certainly a very good band. And they didn’t pay me to say...
Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockinev (19 January 2010)
They’re back with album number 4,twelve new tracks including 11 originals, red hot and smouldering songs that burn their way right through you, this rock n roll is dangerous. The scene today is full of bands doing the same thing; the same covers, ‘the authentic ‘50’s sound’, what JRS do is push the boundaries...
Quarter Mile Combo
Submitted by kitti (13 January 2010)
The first full-length cd of Californian rock’n’roll band ¼ Mile Combo was released last year. The guys started the band in 2004, but the lineup (as it is now) became complete two years later, when Nettie Hammar, the lead singer, joined the band. So three years of proper work and here they are: 12 self-penned tracks,...
Tin Cans
Submitted by kitti (13 January 2010)
I have never seen the Tin Cans live, but have heard the name many times. And it is understandable: they are touring all around Europe and they are on the rock’n’roll stage more than 10 years… and like the cd says - “Still Rockin!” To be honest, and maybe not very polite, the cover seems...
Buck Stevens
Submitted by bopperer (19 December 2009)
As much as I have heard new and not-so-new rockabilly artists, strangely enough name of Buck Stevens has never brushed past my ears. That's why I was quite surprised to find out this guy isn't a brand-new artist at all, since he has already three albums in his discography, two of them recorded in 2004-2006 at...
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
Submitted by kitti (14 December 2009)
Blast from the past. Sonny Burgess and his band are back in the scene! During last ten years they have been touring all over the world and making records (this one is their their album since 20 years break). “The Legendary Pacers” is the original band of Sonny Burgess, who used to be called just “The...
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