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Submitted by kitti (10 January 2011)
Yes, we are back with our reviews. So let’s start from the one of the finest compilation I have been listening lately in my car during my long travels to work and back home. It is not a brand new cd (released in 2009 at Pan American Rocrings), but it doesn’t make it old. Because it...
Marti Brom
Submitted by kitti (10 January 2011)
Marti Brom – who doesn’t know her, this charming woman from Texas. She’s got style, she’s got beautiful voice and huge talent – in one word - everything to create a high quality recording. The first opinion you always get is when you see the cd and in this case you see an amazing...
Various Articts
Submitted by rockinev (09 January 2011)
This is a compilation with a difference from Western Star, well known for their excellent Rockabilly & Physcobilly output this takes a look at a very specific era in rock n roll history, the very distinctive British sound of the late '50's and early 60's. It gathers together some of the labels regulars who you...
Accelerators, The
Submitted by accelsnounos (30 October 2010)
12 tracks - 6 of which are Steve Smith originals. A very diverse album, lots of influences here from 1950s DooWop, R&B & Rock n Roll to 1960s Bobby Fuller. All tracks have the unique Accelerators sound, to quote the liner notes written by Now Dig This's Chris Woodford - '...I have always regarded the Accelerators...
Submitted by kitti (28 September 2010)
What else can present festival besides photos? Absolutely right! The music, or to be more precise - the bands, which play at the festival. That's why after our long summer vacation I have chosen exactly that sort of cd. Now my cd player is busy with spinning Walldorf Weekend "record". For some of you...
Rusti Steel And The Star Tones
Submitted by rockinev (26 September 2010)
Probably the most authentic sounding UK act on the circut have released a sensational collection 15 rockin' tracks that can't fail to get you bashing the steering wheel on that dreary drive to work! Fourteen of the tracks are originals all could have been written a half a century or more ago, the song...
Mystery Train
Submitted by kitti (15 June 2010)
The Mystery Train was officially born 30 years ago (in 1980), even though the guys started playing together three years before that. As it usually happens, the members were changing, but the bass player (Ari Hanninen) stayed in the band all the time. Singles and EP’s were realeased during band’s musical life and finally...
J. Tex & The Volunteers
Submitted by kitti (25 May 2010)
Maybe it is a pure accident, but all cds that I have been receiving from Scandinavia are of a very good quality: in style, looks and the most important - musically. This one is not an exception and is a perfect choice for those, who like old and not so old country music. 14 tracks, mostly...
Adam And His Nuclear Rockets
Submitted by kitti (13 April 2010)
Do you also need some extra energy during spring time? Then instead of vitamins and energy drinks you can “take” this fine Croatian rockabilly band one time a day/week (depends on your mood) and you will feel already much better. Lots of record shops will provide you with the newest album of Adam and his Nuclear...
Fireball Steven
Submitted by kitti (27 March 2010)
The series of the Rhythm Bomb Records, called “The Many Sides Of”, is a collection of the best songs of (mostly) modern artists, which were recorded during some period of time. Fireball Steven (Nic Steven Nilsson in normal life) is one those who was lucky enough to be part of that project. First six songs...
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