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Submitted by rockinev (29 September 2012)
The trio are back with a second album serving up a hot and rockin mix of 80’s fused rockabilly. This is a better outing than the first it sounds brasher more confidence from the guys, I love the overall sound production on this sharp snare drums and a solid bass underpin the very good guitar...
The Groove Diggers
Submitted by rockinev (29 September 2012)
They describe themselves as Real, Raw Rockabilly and the Groove Diggers certainly deliver on all three counts. A four piece from the UK they bring a genuine authentic feel with the album recording on vintage equipment. This gives a honesty to the feel of things sometimes the vocals are lost a bit in the...
Ravenna & The Magnectics
Submitted by rockinev (26 July 2012)
Ok so first off I must say that this recent release from Part is actually a reissue of two classic albums from this US band that was at the forefront of the US revival scene in the early 1980's. They recorded these tracks for the now ledgendary Rollin Rock label with Ronny Weiser. To put...
Johnny Knife & His Rippers
Submitted by rockinev (26 July 2012)
Big, bad, thumping greasy Teddy Boy stompers with a streak of horror rock n roll thrown in for good measure. If you like your rock n roll with heavy bass and rumbling guitar riffs this may find its way on to your playlists, it takes the 70' and 80's revival sound and mixes in some...
The Starline Rhythm Boys
Submitted by rockinev (30 April 2012)
These guys play rockabilly in the style that the world first heard it well over 50 years ago, 3 guys 2 guitars and a stand up bass and it still sounds invigorating and edgy when played as well as this. This is rockabilly with vocal harmony and acoustic styling of the time when people...
Obscuritones, The
Submitted by rockinev (04 March 2012)
The Obscuritones describe themselves as the Andrew Sisters singing with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps, so when I came to listen to this I was expecting something a bit different. That’s exactly what you get, rockabilly classics mixed with surf and garage to produce a rather unique sound they...
Mississippi Queen
Submitted by juanes (04 March 2012)
Mississippi Queen are the oldest rockabilly bend in Croatia. There start to rockin' in late 1989', and their first album are "Golden Years". On "Golden Years" Mississippi QUeen were Gorana Cehic(fiddle, vocal), Igor Balent(drums), Jurica Štelma(double bass), Renato Zgrablic-Pit(lead guitar) and frontman Karlo Starcevic(rhythm guitar, vocal). First track on album "Golden Years" are one of most...
Bo Walton
Submitted by rockinev (23 February 2012)
This is an album of modern commercial, radio friendly, finely crafted rock n roll / country tunes. Do not expect wild sounding rockabilly or a pastiche of 50’s rock n roll. Bo and his team have cleverly put together a collection that while it remains steeped in the roots of the rock n roll genre...
Chris Isaak
Submitted by rockinev (30 January 2012)
Stunning! I think that is the only way to introduce this album, Chris Isaak has recorded probably the finest Rockabilly album that we are likely to hear for a long time. The sleeve notes state that this is an album Chris has wanted to record his whole life, it has been labour of love,...
Mississippi Queen
Submitted by juanes (26 January 2012)
Frontman, from the first hour, Karlo Starcevic/singer-songwriter-gitarist and upright bassplayer Jurica Stelma wave goodby to there leadgitarist and with getting Axel Praefcke in the band they did I gues the transfer of there lives. This man, just like recording engineer Ike Store , belongs to the RBR furnitur for centuries. And they are both in big...
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