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Submitted by mbarlin (29 May 2015)
These 2 books are a gold mine of classic, rockabilly guitar solos written in tablature and standard notation and include accompanying MP3 audio files. The books cover a wide range of solos but the main protagonists are Cliff Gallup and Grady Martin. The solos include B-I Bickey Bi Bo Bo Go, Who Slapped John?, Lonesome...
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
A new 3 piece band from Leeds UK with a promo CD comprising 4 self penned titles on limited 7" vinyl and CD. This is not a bad announcement of their arrival on the scene according to their promo material they have been playing local events and festivals and hopefully building up a local following....
The Palomars
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
A new band to me, from Vancouver in Canada a three piece have released an a competent first CD rockabilly with a nice slice of western swing and steel guitar giving a new slant to some of the covers including Paralyzed and a great rendition of Pink and Black. Mix in some strong originals...
J D Mcpherson
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
The latest much anticipated release from J D McPherson so popular is this album it took 2 weeks to arrive from a very well known online distributor. This is simply a stunning album taking the rockin' scene by storm styles vary from straight out rockabilly, blues, soul and good ol' rock n roll. ...
Obscuritone, The
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
The first full length album from the London based rockin outfit released on their own lable. Full of energy drive and fire this album bursts into life from track one and never lets up. It actually contains several of the same titles as their E.P reviewed previously. However the newer material is spot on, H...
Ray Campi
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
What can I say about Ray Campi absolute legend! Says it all really, if you don't know much about him then frankly where have you been, if you are genuinely new to the rockabilly scene then this album is a great addition to start your collection. Part records have started to re release the classic...
Pat Capocci
Submitted by catzy (18 August 2013)
Australians are coming strong this year. Pat Capocci is one of the best and hard working guitarists at the scene. His brand new Call Of The Wild CD has got 14 killer tracks, all of them originals!!! They vary from pure wild rockabilly to stylish western swing with finger picking guitar. In some songs Pat's guitar...
Nico Duportal And His Rhythm Dudes
Submitted by rockinev (09 May 2013)
Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes, bring us an album of big full bodied, brassy rocking and jumping rock n roll. The booming baritone sax and delightful piano underscore these tracks and drive the whole thing along like a well oiled engine room. Nico’s guitar sounds great leading the band through a high energy set...
The Noisy Boys
Submitted by rockinev (09 May 2013)
The Noisy Boys are a four piece rockabilly outfit from Switzerland, they play back to basics ‘50’s rockin’ full of energy and style. There are some great tracks on here both originals and covers alike, they cover artists both from the ‘50’s such as the great Jack Earls, My Little Mama, to Deke Dickerson,...
Al Willis And The New Swingsters
Submitted by rockinev (09 May 2013)
Al Willis and the New Swingsters release a 4 track EP of short sharp rockabilly. Stripped back trio that does everything it needs too to create an authentic acoustic feel that takes you back to where this stuff began in the mid fifties. This is why rockabilly works three musicians can make such a...
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