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Tip Top Trio
Submitted by hankabilly (20 May 2016)
Tip Top rockbilly Trio, bass, electric guitar and rhythm guitar, all members sing, drum less band sounds little bit like Riverside Trio, High Noon, Skip Rats, Terry & Gerry etc. The Tip Top Trio played around the Sacramento and the Bay Area en where they also living, Zack B. Hectic moved to San Francisco. This...
Tip Top Trio, The
Submitted by kitti (22 March 2009)
I have another band to introduce to you - The Tip Top Trio from Sacramento (California) with their debut studio CD album. I like the way they are doing promotion. Introduction letter (neat and clear), bio, high quality band picture, cd's – everything the advertising package must include. But, it is not advertising of band, but...
Tom Powder
Submitted by Hairy_Monkey (26 January 2007)
Tom Powder of the Black Knights goes solo, and the result is a really great rockin' release. Powder is already known among the teddyboy fraternity as a great singer, guitarist and song-writer, but the secret ingredient of this album is that is was recorded by Lars Strandheim, best known for the string of authentic style...
Trash Hombres
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (05 November 2007)
This is the firt demo release by Rockabilly 4-piece band The Trash Hombres from Arnhem, The Netherlands. The band plays, from their own words, a style of music called Spankabilly. The 6 track maxi EP tells me the guys play good bluesy rockabilly. The albums starts with Jack Smith's 'Cruel Red' adding their own...
Submitted by hankabilly (05 May 2011)
The album starts with Love Me from the Phantom always a good beginning. The Tremors whipsaw rockabilly, hillbilly's on the run sounds great, a country trash rhythm r 'n r album with slapping bass. Whether the crowd is full of college students, swing dance enthusiasts, or Hells Angels, you can bet the Tremors will have the...
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Jimmy Tremor (nee Gardner), leader of North Carolina's hell-bent hillbilly rockers the Tremors, has ensured that they varied little over the course of 10 years and five CDs. There was and is no need. A backwoods Americana visionary, Tremor was onto something good from the start. The feral cats howling at the fractured, midnight blood moon,...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Just like Jerry Lee Lewis said: "Either be hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, the lord will spew you forth from his mouth". True to this motto, the Trisonics favor hot - red hot! The Trisonics have spent the last three years rockin' clubs and festivals across Europe. Their recent summer tour took them through...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Modern rockabilly led by a guitar with a rootsy twang that could only come from a texan. Powerful and stylish enough to please Horton Heat and Stray Cats fans, without cloning Setzer or the Rev. 'Mystery Lady' is a melodic and catchy taster from their debut album 'Rock 'n' roll Remedy', while the bonus tracks -...
Truly Lover Trio
Submitted by kitti (19 October 2008)
I have in my hands the album of Truly Lover Trio “Dig It, Baby, Dig It”. Before I started to listen to it, I had a look at the band’s homepage, which is a pure reflection of CD - the same colours, the same style, the same “Dig It” feeling throughout every page. So you are...
Tumblin Go Go's
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
Just when you thought that you'd heard the best, another rip roaring rockabilly trio comes along and knocks your socks off.. The tumblin go go's are a new ass kicking, drive by the seat of ya pants rockabilly band from the Netherlands. The band consists of Hottie - lead vocals and drums, ...
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